Sunday, January 24, 2010

KIDS home

Actually today trip was a bit unplanned due to last minutes notice from Lai. We have to shift to 1 day earlier. We reach Klang at 3.30pm, do some shopping at Tesco. Then we deliver it to KIDS at 5.30pm. It was running late, we don't have chances to do a full visit their home. We only passed them the foods that they need and leave.

Items that we delivered :-
  1. Rice & Rice Noodle (Bihun)
  2. Canned Baked Bean & Sardine
  3. Milo & Ribena
  4. Toilet roll
  5. Packet hotdog

Previously when my parent talked to me about doing charity, I will just pass them the money and let them handle it. I thought by giving financial support, it is good enough. I was dead WRONG until I pay a visit to the orphanage. You will experience something really amazing. Those smile from the kids, something that money can't buy. Your sincerity is needed to exchange for it. Next time we will plan to spend more time with them, to get to know them better. Next trip we going for an old folks home (which I m 1500% reluctant to do so, I will give a try hope God will enlighten my stubbornness on this)