Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hair Cut & Pizza Day - June 2014

School holiday was coming to an end.. so, the kids will need some hair cut. Initial plan was for one home, but within an hour of posting on Facebook, I have 3 barbers volunteering! :) So, mind as well fully utilized their skills and efforts! So thank you to Kate, Amelia, Kevin for hair rising experience!
And not forgetting sponsors for pizza, cup cakes and drinks - TQ Chua, Lilian, Amelia, Wendy & Ong for this.

The two homes that are involved was Ozanam Home and Anbe Sivam Orphanage.

Ordering pizza also hard work! Address messed up but have to thank Ambang Botanic store manager for the great assistance for sorting this out

Pizza and cup cakes... that I never get to taste.. *hint* *hint*...Thanks to Chua, Lillian, Wendy & Ong and Amelia for the F&B

Start work at Ozanam Home

First customer..

Slow and steady.....

It was tea break time when we arrived

Meanwhile, while the hair stylist are in Ozanam Home, the one in Anbe Sivam is already in progress
Army style No.2 ...quick and easy...

Everyone gets a chance... some kids does not want the Army style No.2 and you should see their faces when we say all goes same style!

Eating pizza while waiting for their turn for hair cut

Tea time with Domino's Pizza.. TQ to all sponsors

We finished about 530pm and it was a long hot day for everyone ... Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers who have come together on a hot Saturday afternoon and make this event a successful one. See you in our next event! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1Month1Charity founder - Beloved Lai Chin Lun (1977-2010)

My last notes for Chin Lun - a lost friend... Founder of 1Month1Charity

October 19, 2010 at 3:11pm

Dearest friend - Chin Lun,

I know you since form 1 in Maxwell High School in 1990...that was exactly 20 years ago...time flies and i starts to miss u.

In those schooling day, i feel and belief you are such a stubborn, selfish, negative thinking & always think that other people always owes you something in this world.

We get to know each other truly when i joined Taekwondo club in form 4. From there, i realised that you are not that difficult to friend with. I found that you will care for people that close to you and stand in the same line together with them to defence and fight for right together.

I also learnt that you are strong minded and always has a high desire to do something difference. e.g: The reverse jumping swing kick from your left....which always caught me on my right face...i hate that actually. I still remember the jumping jet side kicks that you shown me to discourage opponent to come close during a sparring event...i'm loving it!

I left KL 3 years for my study @ northern and lost touch with a lot of people...thank to Danny, re-connected me to you...from there we laugh again over the SPM study camp @ Kajang of the "Sarjan Ali Hassan story" and how DesXXXX put one hand on the wall while he XXXXXXX (Censored due to privacy act).

God is being unfair when i heard you gotten the ENT nose Cancer... i was shocked and i still remember.. trying to call you (another memory of you being not using a hand phone until few years back). You have really totally 360 changed!

The Lai which is selfish, negative thinking and belief people owes you thing in this world changed totally! You become caring about strangers, people who need helps, and love to socialise with strangers.

I would like to SALUTE you for helping Matthew Lim - the new born baby who suffers from heart arterials...... despite you illness, you still go to Gleneagles Hospital 830pm to drop the first donation to Steward Lim (Father of Matthew). Allow me to deep BOW because you just don't stop there to help Matthew...your FB and Blogs were used to reach more public to cry for the donation to help the little poor innocence Matthew to keep his life.

Parent of Matthew Lim -  Jane Voon and Steward Lim, both tearing in hospital...the moment to enter the operation theatre
 Matthew Lim - a strong boy!
 Lai - Matthew growth up healthily and steadily....god bless him...

I really cannot understand why god love to challenge you with the 2nd world war or Liver cancer? why why why?
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
I have cancer      
The phone non stop ringing
People call ask how r u doing
I reply I m not dying
coz I m bz fighting
not just only winning
I only want surviving
Cancer is just a new begining
Its not an ending

Visit my new blog on my life after being diagnosed with Cancer
see how he fight cancer -

But, you still being positive and hoo haa around with us...i remembered the birthday party for you in the Ship bkt Bintang and the "Special" present we would like to give you...but you refused to accept even organised my birthday dinner - THANK SO MUCH...

 Standing: Danny Ong, Sitting left: Lai Chin Lun
 We make Lai stand for his birthday song...the Ship Bkt Bintang
Us...the Maxwellian....

It is difficult for me / us to belief that you gave up the medicine a week before........but we have to respect your choice to make such a difficult decision. Like i says - "Nothing is more painful than waiting to die".

Ah Lai, R.I.P!

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Gary Lee Kok Hoong.

Persatuan Kebajikan WargaTua & Kanak Kanak K.L (Tmn Petaling, Kepong)

REVISITING:Persatuan Kebajikan WargaTua & Kanak Kanak K.L (Tmn Petaling, Kepong)
Address: 9, Jln 9/39 Tmn Petaling Kepong 52100 KL
Contact: 019 6412427 / 019 3613529
Caretaker: Mr Bathumalai, Mr Vinod

Tenant: 10 old folks, 2 single mother, 11 children (age 7months - 14yo).
Our last visit was 27 Oct 2013, the center is having some renovation to extend their kitchen and storage area.
8/6/14 we revisited this center and found the condition remain the same - DIRTY & SMELLY!
The hall and car pouch area has been painted. There is a washing machine placed at the car pouch area. There are donors that sent some solid rack / shelf for the home to put their groceries.
We bought below items for the center:
1. Floor Cleaner Detergent X 3bottles (2l)
2. Shower Soap 6 x 3 bars
3. Rice - 10kgs x 10 bags
4. Toilet Bowl detergent x 3 bottles
5. Dish washer detergent x 3 bottle (5l) 
6. raw plain maggie mee x 5 packs
7. Raw bee hoon x 5kgs
The center has lot of dried and canned food such as biscuit, rice, canned sardine, jam and etc. What they need now is more on raw food:
1. Raw Chicken meat
2. Raw Fish
3. Fish ball
The caretaker told us that they are in need of RM1,500 to run the OPEX (Water, electricity) and wanted public donation.
"I am sorry to inform that 1Month1Charity does not contributing CASH to any homes. This is to avoid misuse of funds that suppose to cater to provide basic needs". "We will only contribute cash in the event of LIFE and DEAD - Medical funds". - This is our 1Month1Charity policy.
Till then, we shall get some raw meat for the home soon.
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