Friday, February 7, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - Jan 2014

Our first groceries for the needies event for Jan 2014, was done on 26th Jan 2014. We were joined by Ben and kids with additional groceries. Also thanks to PhuiFatt, each home were given an ang pow.

The standard groceries

Our first destination

Second destination and..
....additional items for the homes!
Second home..

Cookies were given to kids

The ever cheerful and smiling kid..

Many thanks to Ben & friends who have sponsored additional groceries for the home. For more photos, check it out here.

Just for volunteers information, due to the area we need to cover, the usual large convoys of cars following tends to slow down as cars got stop in traffic lights and also housing area. Hence, I will be limiting a 2-3 car convoy to avoid getting lost and waiting and lots of phone calls finding lost cars. Appreciate your understanding on this. 

Pusat Warga Emas, Klang - 2014 CNY Visit

The caretaker called to wish me a Happy Chinese New Year, and as its been awhile since our last visit, Jeff and myself dropped by with some groceries. We got them mostly vegetables, bags of potatoes, onions, curry powder and detergents.

The new wing of the home was recently built by contractors who have willingly to do it at minimal cost and the home pay whatever they can. There were additional 5 rooms (or 6?), which can fit in 4-6 person in the room.

Home address - landmark is near KFC Tmn Sentosa Klang

Care taker checking the groceries.

Hot sunny afternoon...

Additional room

The new wing

Left overs of the construction
Uncle was happy to received the angpow

Waiting for dinner.. and opening the ang pow

Total spend - RM278.
On behalf of sponsor, Brandon, I gave out 20 ang pows to each of the tenant. Most of them were caught by surprised that ang pow was given to them. the caretaker told us that she is in short of 3 single beds - the folding type which we promised we will get it for her.

Again, thank you to sponsors and donors who have been donating to 1M1c fund for us to do project like this. Wishing you happy Chinese New Year and may the year of the Horse brings you good luck and good health! :)