Friday, November 25, 2011

Charity Listing

Dear friends,

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back To School Program 2011

After months of planning, the Back To School (BTS) 2011 program was finally completed today. The school identified was SRJK(C) Hin Hwa, Klang. For this program, the project is sponsored by 2 donors, with 20 primary students sponsored by SNF (Sri Narayani Foundation), while another 10 secondary-to-be students by Project MADE and 1M1C.

We had earlier requested the school to identify 20 poor students for SNF sponsorship, and was asked if we can provide another 10 Std Six students that will be leaving the school. Project Made and 1M1C decided to take this up as a separate initiative. Project MADE sponsored 2 sets of school uniforms & stationary, while 1M1C sponsored 10 bags and RM30 BATA vouchers. For the SNF sponsored students, they were given RM200 Mydin vouchers.

We arrived at the school at 11:45am (no, not at 11:11:11am) meet up with the Asst. HM (Student Affairs) and introduced ourselves. The asst. headmistress announced the students' name via PA system, and at that moment, I felt 20 years younger after being out of the school for so long. ;).. The students quickly arrived and she did a headcount to ensure all are around. I noticed that most of the students' clothing were old and worn out and my heart just sank. The white shirt worn by the some of the male students had lost its shinning white colour and the shirt collar is so soft, god knows how many years it has been worn.

We proceed to the assembly point and got the students line up, and while the Asst. HM read the names, the HM distribute the vouchers. Ainie had gracefully labeled each yellow-pow packet with student's name for ease of distribution. There were a few that didnt come as they were in the afternoon session. We handover the balance to the HM.

Separating the boys and girls...

Hj Ainie distributing the yellow-pow...

Very well mannered kids.. the school did a good job in educating them!
Happy kids, HM and Asst. HM

Goodie bags with school bags
 Once the 20 students distribution is completed, we gave out the 10 students that will be in Form 1 next year.
All the best in your secondary years!

Once the distribution was completed, we proceed to the HM office for signing of acknowledgment of receipt.

10 students sponsored by Project Made & 1M1C

Letter of Acknowledgment from SNF

Expenses :-
School bags - RM300
Bata Vouchers - RM300
Total - RM600

Thank you to our donors again for the great support and contribution to make this Back To School event a success. It would not have happened without your contribution and thank you for making a difference in the students' life.

We are also in the midst of planning another Back To School program for the Orang Asli settlement in December. So, join us if you can ! ;)