Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shah Alam Soup Kitchen

I first heard about free meals for the poor from a friend, and heard about it a few days later. I start googling and there were a few online links and found out where it is located. First attempt to find the location failed due to heavy traffic and need to concentrate on the road, and second attempt was done over the weekend with friends and family. We went to down and manage to talked to the worker on how the soup kitchen work. We decided to come back again when the owner is around.

Simple sign board and not noticeable if you dont slow down

Our second visit was on a weekday, and manage to speak to both husband and wife, En. Saufi and Pn Liza. We were given a run through on their operation and the scope of their volunteerism. Basically, beside the soup kitchen, they also provide monthly groceries to those needy homes, free tuition (at the 1st floor of the restaurant). The general guideline for applying for the monthly groceries would be the total household income must not be more than RM540, which many are around that amount, considering the soup kitchen is located within a factory zone. The people who came to eat come from multiple races and background.

While we were there, we saw people from different background and races came for lunch (around 1130am). Menu for Mondays/Wednesday and Fridays are rice and vegetables, while Tue/Thu is meehoon. Menus were change daily in order not to affect the nearby restaurant business and also to avoid boredom eating the same stuff. With the information that we gathered, Project Made and 1M1C decided to do a grocery donation for the month of Aug.

On 3rd Aug 2011, we donated the following groceries (5 packs rice, 10 packs of mee hoon, sardines (x 30 cans), 2 packs of garlic and cooking oil x2) to the soup kitchen. Project Made donated a lot of Maggi chilies and also 240 packs of 1liter Milo!!!

Pn Liza and our groceries

Newspaper cutting all over the wall ..

You heard it from here (and Project MADE site), so please donate to this soup kitchen so that they can keep doing their job!

We are planning to sponsor a meal on Saturday (17/9/2011). As the soup kitchen only open from Mon-Fri, weekends are used for organising the place, packing of used clothes, etc. Hence, Pn Liza was happy to open the Saturday for us to sponsor the meal to the needies. Hence, we are hoping to have volunteers to help us on that day. We are planning to sponsor one meal a month till Dec 2011, hence we will need volunteers and sponsors to make this a success.

Location : 16 Jalan Sempadan 16/7, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam (behind Shell  station, at a roundabout where Toyota & BNM is located)

Date:  17 September 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 1030am - 300pm
No. of pax: 200 only
Menu: Rice/ Chicken Curry + Veg/ Apples/ Cream Rolls

For the cost of this feeding, it will be shared between 1M1C, Project Made and the caterer. We already found a sponsor for 200 apples and chicken curry ..and looking for sponsors for the following :-
  1. 20kg of rice
  2. 200 cream rolls
  3. 2 bottles of Sunkist cordial  and ice

Leave a message or send me an email if you are interested. theflyingox[at]

Our expenses : RM257.75

My warm wishes to all the donors and contributors for this month's donation. And special thanks to Project MADE for organising this event. Thanks Ainie!! :)