Sunday, February 19, 2012

Distribution of Donated Milk Powder - Part 3

HELP Community Learning Center is the beneficiary of the final batch of the milk powder allocated for 1M1C. We made appointment with Chris, the project coordinator for the center to deliver the stuff. Project MADE also add-on Maggie Mee and biscuits for the children.

Kids drawing greet us at the staircase

The center is an informal school for the children of the Burmese that are residing in Kepong. Some of the families are registered UNHCR refugees while the rest are still in process. As most of the parents are working to support their living, the children are mostly left unattended. Hence, HELP Community fill in the gap to educate the children and prepare them for their future new home e.g US. Canada.

Basic manners that will guide them far to the future...

Tea break...

Self discipline kids!

Makan-makan Malaysia..even though its just biscuits.
 The school current holds about 130 students, which covers from kindergarten to primary syllabus which covers English Maths. UNHCR pays the salary of 2 school teachers, while HELP itself pay for the rest of the 3, topping up RM200 to the one paid by UNHCR. Hence, with rentals and miscellaneous expenses, the monthly expenses is no small amount.

Class in session

We arrived at 1030am and had the helpful hands of the kids to carry the stuff to center (3 flight of stairs!). The center located in a 4 storey building, where they occupied 3rd and 4th floor. Rental is RM500 for the former and RM600 is for the latter. Chris later briefed Ainie and myself on the center and explained the issues running the center and requirements.

Exercise books for the kids...
This round's delivery...
Few of the mothers arrived and we gave them 1 can of milk powder each, and leave the rest for Chris to allocate it out.

Milk powder for the mothers...

One for the album

Job vacancies...

If you can help this center, kindly contact Chris @ 012-873 0380 or email him[at]

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Distribution of Donated Milk Powder - Part 2

This would be the second last batch (19 cartons) of milk powder that was allocated to 1M1C by Hjh Ainie for distribution. I contacted HOPE WW after remembering one of my school mate is working with HOPE. So, thats the reason why you should attend school reunions!

After going through a bumper to bumper crawl on a hot Saturday morning, we manage to locate the Hope clinic located at Sentul. We were greeted by Ms. Katy, the Executive Director for the center. The clinic is located on top of a sundry shop, and an additional Learning Center on the next shoplot. Monthly rental is RM2800 for both premises.

Katy bring us around the center and explained to us on their operations, clinics, food distribution to the poor, children activities such as reading program and painting. There are currently 70 families receiving monthly food contribution from HOPE. Poor families can apply for food contribution and they will be interviewed to see if they are eligible for the contributions.

The clicnic started in 2000 and had serve more than 6000 poor recipients in the community. The treatments are free for the needies and it runs with 2 full time nurse and volunteers/retired doctors.

Learning Center

Donated books at the mini library

Mary Kay sponsored the renovation
While we were there, a few families came up to the clicnic for the art class in the afternoon, and later was joined by a group of student volunteers from Mt Kiara International School.

Katy showing the volunteers the teaching materials used for the class

Students waiting for the class to start....

The deliveries
As it was a busy day for Katy, we excused ourselves and headed out for lunch. It was an interesting visit and its good that HOPE is making a difference in the community. You can get more details  about HOPE WW from their blog and volunteer your time as well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Persatuan Rumah Kebajikan Sri Baba, Klang

This was an urgent call to provide 6 fans to this old folks home. I was informed by Ms Ng and Ms Sally and I visited the home to get more details.

The home is Persatuan Rumah Kebajikan Sri Baba, Klang located opposite Klang Telekom office at Jalan Meru. The caretaker is Mr Mohan (016-292 2500) and being helped by his mother.

The home consist of 27 old folks and 6 children with a mix of both sexes. The kids goes to nearby Tamil school.

Having early dinner...

When we arrive at 4pm, they were cooking early dinner. The old folks were sitting outside the house, as there is not much space inside the house. 1M1C contributed basic groceries for them and also manage to find sponsors for 4 wall fans and 2 ceiling fans. Ms Ng's brother was willing to volunteer to do the wiring and fan installation for free.

Groceries for this visit

6 fans from our sponsors
They still need some new mattress, adult diapers, a sofa and also garbage bags. If you think you can give a hand, call Mr. Mohan at 016-292 2500. Update 12/1/12 - Require a new fridge and water heater.

Total amount spent on the groceries - RM141.00

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Distribution of Donated Milk Powder

Hjh Ainie from Project Made contacted me that she managed to get 50 cartons of baby milk powder for distribution. I was elated to know that some kids will be benefited from this contribution. The first home that benefited from the donation is Pusat Jagaan Rumah Perlindungan Sosial NCWO-YMCA Klang, which has 5 kids under their care. I have a quick chat with the elder children and gave them 5 cartons before heading to the next home.

The next home is not new to us - Padmasambhava Children Loving Association, which we have done few activities with them. I was earlier told by Angel that they have 10 kids within the age range of 1-3 (the milk powder is for kids age 1-3 only). While I was there, a group of well-wishers were there to see the home and donated groceries to the home. I gave 15 cartons to them.

Angel looking at the milk powder never hear of it before..

Visitors from Sekinchan

The last home for the day was sending the milk powder to Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam, I gave them 2 cartons as there is only 1 kid there.

I distributed out total of 22 cartons of the milk powder for the day, and will distribute the rest to a local church and NGO once I get confirmation. A big thank you to the sponsors who had contributed the milk powder and Hjh Ainie who managed to secure the 50 cartons for 1M1C to distribute.