Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Visit to Pusat Kebajikan Ci Hang Chempaka Selangor

2016/10 - The first visit was initiate by Dr Azma and Roshidah earlier by dropping some necessary items at the home, and we agreed that it would be one of 1M1c destination. Our planned visit finally fall into place on 19 June 2016. We had a lot of contributors for the event. Lunch was catered, cooked by Kembara Kitchen, and were glad that they like the food very much. We took some time to chit chat with the old folks, which I think its important to listen to them of their vast experience. Some of the ladies are 78-80yrs old and still looking like they are 60s! For the very first time, we had karaoke at an event and they also have a very good singer! So, dont under estimate them! Our volunteer singer had problem letting go of the microphone and I would like to emphasis that the heavy rain in the evening had nothing to do with the singing. Thank you to the volunteers who came and help to get the grocery items, and also sponsors additional items e.g. Tupperware cookies and chrysanthemum drinks. See you in our next event!

A bit on Ci-Hang Chempaka home - it was established in 1986 as a registered welfare organization providing services to the poor, abandoned, aged, physically challenged individuals, and those who are being put the most unfortunate living situations. It also provide physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitataion to stroke patience, financial assistance to the poor and free tuition classes to the needy students. 

The home is supported through public donations. If you like to donate to the home directly, you can donate through here. 


The magnificent view