Sunday, January 22, 2017

CNY@Tg Sepat - Jan 2017

Our first major event for the year 2017 - the festive event that everyone that look forward to. For this project we provided basic groceries to 95 families, an additional 15 from the normal 80. This would be our third year here in Tg Sepat! :)
TQ to the sponsors and volunteers (& invisible volunteers too!) working in the background - from getting sponsors and turn themselves to be AhLong-A-Day, purchasing of items and logistics - as we could not have done this without your help and support.
Many thanks to sista-NGOs (legal and illegals haha) for the support - Team Ringan Beban, RepublikChenta and Happy Caring Hearts Crew. Thank you Azma Abd Hamid & Roshidah Abdul A'ala
For this event, it also benefited the 2 poor families in terms of the ngaku. With the additional income, they will celebrate the CNY 2017 in a happier mood as it was durian runtuh income for them! Again, thank you to sponsors for making this happen! Thank you for making their days a bit brighter - to show that someone else far far away care for them, and in this festive season. Lets be grateful for what we have today.

Group photo - TQVM to all sponsors and volunteers! :) 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Back To School 2017 (1.3) - Dec 2016

BTS1.2 & BTS1.3
During BTS#1, we met up with St Anne’s headmistress, requesting for school uniforms to her 20 poor students. Then during our Dec Babies Birthday lunch at Domino Pizza, Lagenda Home also requested uniforms for 16 of the students. On top of that, we have 2+4 students from 2 families, which bring us to a total of 42 students.

This is the last project for 2016 with the final project for Back To School. The project was requested by the Headmistress of St Anne’s Convent in Port Klang during our earlier BTS event. Thank you to sponsors who have contributed in a short time, and also volunteers who came help out with the uniform testing. Without you guys, I think it would be very dramatic with the children and families in such a confined space!
One of the best thing is to see the children’s happy faces and also the parents. I believe it really lift up the burden of the families especially they have 2 or 3 children. While the amount maybe small for us, it is not for the poor families as every cent counts. 
As we head in to 2017, we would like thank the support and sponsors as without your support in cash and kind, projects like this would not have materialise. Not forgetting the group of silent volunteers who work behind the scenes to make sure things projects are completed successfully.
On behalf of the team, we wish all a Happy New Year 2017! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back To School 2017 (1.2) - Dec 2016

2016/18 - BTS1.2

With a last minute request for help on uniforms during an outing, we decided to do our best to help the home out. Many thanks to Onglai Chow's friends and friends for taking up the cause to sponsor the uniforms and school bags for the home. When I told the caretaker that uniforms are coming in tomorrow, she was elated with joy as it was not expected at all. So, many thanks to the sponsors who responded in a short time. I believe many homes are also in the same position this year. So, if you want can do something about it, please go to the any orphanages and help them out. #everylittlebitcounts

We hope you guys will do well in school and make us proud! 

We got 3 kids that does not have paperwork to get into the school, so we got some stationaries for them coz we were so sad looking at their sad faces :(