Monday, December 12, 2016

Back To School 2017 (1) - Dec 2016

2016/17 - To wrap up the final* project for the year, is our Back To School Program. We are back in St Barnabas Home, and working with Dr Azma’s Ringan Beban and RepublikChenta, with a total of 39 children. The children comes from the poor families in PPR, 15 poor students from Kg Kebun Bunga, Batu3 Shah Alam and 14 from St Barnabas Home.
For the second year, we have dental check and hair cut, which I think its much needed…for me. Uniforms, shoes and bag were pre-pack to speed up things, which I consider lucky as if we were to bring the children to Mydin, we will have a nature's bath on the way back! And as I noticed that there were a few of us were December Babies, I got them a surprised birthday cake to add on to the occasion. TQ Alex for sponsoring - i want ice-cream cake next year! :)
As we wrap up the last** project in 2016, I would like to thank all the sponsors who have contributed to ensure the event is successful. Not forgetting our crazy and magnificent volunteers who are always aware on what to do to ensure the event goes well. I am truly grateful to have you all and may you all be bless with health and wealth :)
Terima kasih kami ucapkan,
Kerana kalian selalu membantu,
Jasa dan bakti jadi taruhan,
Akan dikenang setiap waktu.
** - meanwhile, its raining heavily in East Coast…
During the event, St Anne’s headmistress approached me and asked If I can help the school for 20 poor students. So, the last project dont seem to be the last...