Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 Back To School 2 with St Barnabas Home - Dec 2015

For 2016 Back To School Program, we targeted for 63 children from 3 homes. The beneficiaries of our BTS2 program this year are the following homes :-
  1. St Barnabas Home - 19 children
  2. Pusat Kanak Kanak Istimewa Lagenda - 20 children
  3. Dr. Azma's Ringan Beban - 23 children
  4. Homeless street friend - 1 child
Our objective was to provide 1 pair of uniform, 1 pair of shoes, 2 socks and 1 school bag. Thank you to our sponsors who have contributed school bags, vitamin pills and also the splendid lunch sponsored from Hess Oil & Gas. Many thanks to the volunteers who help to bring the children to Mydin, help them finding the right sizes for the uniform and shoes. We literally cleared almost the new shoes there  till it ran out of sizes!

I will let the photos tell the stories...

Getting ready to go to Mydin
Shopping time

Hair cut for the children. 

First batch of children getting their uniforms
Ran out of shoe sizes..
Done with the shopping

Dental check!

Recording the teeth's condition
Waiting for the rest before proceeding back to St Barnabas
Our Laughter Yoga friends getting the team to start laughing
Lunch is served!
Goody bags ready to be given away
On behalf of the recipients, I would like to express my gratitude to all for bringing us through another year of activities. As we wrap up the year with the final event, I would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers who have been very supportive for us throughout the year. We hope for your continuous support for the coming year(s) and hope that our little help to the needies will be able to some joy and reduce their burden.

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Program With Students of SK RPS Dala, Gerik - Nov 2015

For this project, we worked with our sister NGO - Republik Chenta, Sukaamal and Reach Out to provide Back To School items, a Free Market session for the parents and children, solar panel and groceries to the families in RPS Dala, Gerik. 

We took almost 6 hours drive from KL with breaks in between. The journey to the deep jungle is not for the faint hearted and backache people! Again, thank you to sponsors and volunteers who have contributed to the event.

This would be our second trip to Gerik since last year's trip to Sg Tiang. As usual, a lot of background work was done prior to the trip, from setting the dates, logistics, chasing sponsors, groceries' menu, items to be provided to the community, picking up of solar panels - which takes longer than the trip itself, but the rewards upon completion is very satisfying. Again, my hats off to our sister NGOs for all the hardwork done. Now, let the picture tell the story...

Heading to destination..

Reminded me of the last trip to Gerik... almost there....
Checkpoint 1 to meet up with person in charge

Long and bumpy ride in the estate
Super bumpy ride! Arrived at police post
Heading in to the settlement

Rubber trees along the way ... no more cups, but plastic bags to collect the latex

An hour of bumpy ride to reach the location.

Remind me of my school days...

Welcoming committee!

Getting ready for the event
The event's banner.... 
Goodies for the chidlren
Free market for them.... and FLEE market for us! Almost got overrun by them!

Solar panels to be given away to the homes

T-shirts to be given away

Children helping out with the groceries
After stock market open for the day, almost all hell break loose!

Coupon for the grocery pack

It was a memorable and eye opener trip for many of us to enter a settlement which has so little. Perhaps, the next trip, we should stay over night! :) Many thanks to RepublikChenta for giving us a chance to participate and enjoy the event and also sponsors who have contributed for events like this, as without your support, it would be impossible to do projects like this. 

As we end the year with the usual Back To School Program (12Dec2015) and also the possible unfortunate Flood Relief activity, we hope for more support and contribution to help the needies. Thank you all again!

An Open Appeal from Help Community Education Center

An open appeal from Help Community Education Center (Myanmar Refugee).
"As we approach the close of another year, we would like to thank One Month One Charity for all the great things you have done for our school this year. It is with good people like you guys who keep us going over the last 6 years+. Yes, it has been a touch journey but things were lightened with the helping hands you guys have extended to us that have encouraged us to move ahead. Thank u very much. 
Chris Jong - The Founder of Help Community Education Center received biscuit donation from sponsors of 1M1c donors

2016 is going to be even tougher, not only for charitable organisations like ours but sectors too, even the donors may be affected. Despite whatever difficult times, the show must go on. For the 1st time, we have proposed an annual budget that overshoot RM100,000. The textbook replacement project was delayed due to lack to fund in 2015 but with most books torn now, we have no choice but to replace them with Singapore syllabus text books. As you may know, Malaysian publishers do not print Maths and Science in the English language anymore for over 3 years. Singapore textbooks are so expensive due to the currency exchange rate but still cheaper than British or US imported books. A set of samples will reach our school this afternoon when an international visiting school will bring them from Singapore.

We also need a All-in-one multi function printer to print our test and exam papers. After we did a calculation, we found out we can scan and print a A4 size for under 3 sen (including toner and paper) instead of 5 sen outside. We have identified the Canon Image CLASS MP3010 that use the canon cartridge toner 325 that cost RM65 for 2 cartridges (compatible) printing 1,600 copies per cartridge. The printer cost RM499 on Lazada. We are very particular about future printing cost so it took us some time to decide on this model. We are hoping to raise fund for this.

We have attached our Sponsor a refugee child's Education 2016 campaign card. In case, u hv any friends who may be interested to contribute, pls email to them. Although it costs about RM900 per year to provide a decent education to a children, why we we choose to use RM120 per child per year? We believe that at RM120 or just RM10 per month, anybody can participate in this campaign, even wage earners or students. Those more affordable can also sponsor 5, 10 or 20 students. 

Thank u very much for your help again. Have a blessed weekend ahead."

God bless
Chris Jong

Sunday, November 22, 2015

2016 Back To School 1 @SK Hicom, Shah Alam - Nov 2015

We kick off our yearly Back To School program with SK Hicom Shah Alam. For this event, we supported 13 students, which the families will received 2 pairs of uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks and also groceries. We were also blessed with sponsors of potatoes and onions from Living Hope, hence the families gets extra rations.

Event was held on 13th November 2015 at the school.

Welcoming us

Helping us with the potatoes and onions from Living Hope.

Prayers to kick start the ceremony

Speech by the headmistress

Speech by Dr. Azma

Handing over ceremony to the needy students

Part of the total of 43 recipients

Appreciation and token for the team
Group photo
Thank you to all sponsors for contributing to the program, also Living Hope. We will do our next Back To School 2 on 12th December 2015. Please check Facebook for more details.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grocery for the Needies @PPR Bt Muda Jalan Ipoh - Oct 2015

For October 2015,our original destination was Johan Setia, but due to last minute changes, we decided to change to PPR Batu Muda, Jalan Ipoh. This would be our third time here (including Free Market event). We worked with the committee for the list of 90 needy families. For this round, we were lucky that our rice sponsors decided to upgrade the rice from 5kg to 10kg! Many thanks to the group from

We had a dozen of volunteers this round, which make things move very fast in terms of loading of the rice, but still its not easy to carry across the field. But with teamwork, we clear it out pretty fast!

90 packs of rice in nick of time.

Parking is a nightmare and we work real fast to clear it up for the traffic

I think this is the hardest job of all.. getting ppl IN LINE!

Untying the trays of eggs


Pre-pack the groceries to speed up the distribution

The other end - upon receiving their bounty

Helping out the recipients
We completed the distribution in about 1 hour and recipients went home happy. There are actually about 600-700 families there, but we only manage to do 90 families which is only a fraction of the population here. Looking at the current economy climate, we hope other NGOs will also provide some help to the needy families. Again, many thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who have made a difference in their life.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. -Mother Teresa