Friday, December 4, 2015

An Open Appeal from Help Community Education Center

An open appeal from Help Community Education Center (Myanmar Refugee).
"As we approach the close of another year, we would like to thank One Month One Charity for all the great things you have done for our school this year. It is with good people like you guys who keep us going over the last 6 years+. Yes, it has been a touch journey but things were lightened with the helping hands you guys have extended to us that have encouraged us to move ahead. Thank u very much. 
Chris Jong - The Founder of Help Community Education Center received biscuit donation from sponsors of 1M1c donors

2016 is going to be even tougher, not only for charitable organisations like ours but sectors too, even the donors may be affected. Despite whatever difficult times, the show must go on. For the 1st time, we have proposed an annual budget that overshoot RM100,000. The textbook replacement project was delayed due to lack to fund in 2015 but with most books torn now, we have no choice but to replace them with Singapore syllabus text books. As you may know, Malaysian publishers do not print Maths and Science in the English language anymore for over 3 years. Singapore textbooks are so expensive due to the currency exchange rate but still cheaper than British or US imported books. A set of samples will reach our school this afternoon when an international visiting school will bring them from Singapore.

We also need a All-in-one multi function printer to print our test and exam papers. After we did a calculation, we found out we can scan and print a A4 size for under 3 sen (including toner and paper) instead of 5 sen outside. We have identified the Canon Image CLASS MP3010 that use the canon cartridge toner 325 that cost RM65 for 2 cartridges (compatible) printing 1,600 copies per cartridge. The printer cost RM499 on Lazada. We are very particular about future printing cost so it took us some time to decide on this model. We are hoping to raise fund for this.

We have attached our Sponsor a refugee child's Education 2016 campaign card. In case, u hv any friends who may be interested to contribute, pls email to them. Although it costs about RM900 per year to provide a decent education to a children, why we we choose to use RM120 per child per year? We believe that at RM120 or just RM10 per month, anybody can participate in this campaign, even wage earners or students. Those more affordable can also sponsor 5, 10 or 20 students. 

Thank u very much for your help again. Have a blessed weekend ahead."

God bless
Chris Jong

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