Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RM10 donation to save a life

UPDATE 01/Jul/2010 8.15pm
Hi Gary, test report for Baby Matthew is ok. A few germ is found, but its not affect to baby. Feeding tube is taken out, now is on oral/bottle feeding only. Last few days baby had meet up few Dr like cleft palate surgeon, ENT, speech therapist to repair his cleft palate soon. Hopefully can discharge tmr. Thx

UPDATE 28/Jun/2010 10.36pm
We cant discharge today. Dr need to follow up medical check up & X Ray. Coz Yesterday nite Matthew cry more than 3 hours. Btw, WE NEED A CONFINEMENT LADY URGENTLY, DO U HV ANYONE TO RECOMMEND?

Please send the recommnedation to 016 910 8691 (Gary will coordinate)

UPDATE 25/Jun/2010 10.50pm
Hi Gary, Dr said if everything ok, we can discharge on Monday evening, will let u know what is the time. Btw, we need to isolate to at least 1-2 months at home, when discharge we also need to move from room to house. Dr also not encourage us for too many visiting.. coz worry of infection.. Hope u understand bro, don't bring too many people

UPDATE 23/Jun/2010 3.00pm
All tubes and pipes removed. Matthew is resting well in Isolated room with Steward & Jan. IS NOT TIME TO VISIT THEM YET. Both new hand parent is struggling in learning on how to feed milk, breast feed, bottle feed, change pampers. Never easy job for every 2 hours once....... The happy thing is Matthew make it for himself, his family and all of us who care about him! God Bless.

UPDATE 22/Jun/2010 5.30pm
Baby Matthew are getting better. BTW, we do ultra sound check, Dr Said he is GOOD NOW. But NOT GUARANTEE in future. We need to do CLOSE MONITORING every month / year for WHOLE LIFE. To make sure his heart condition is healthy & everything growth well. A lot of thing baby Matthew cant do in future...this make us very sad...and tired...

SUPER WOOHOO UPDATE 21/Jun/2010 11.00am
Hi Gary, Baby Matthew heart beat r back to normal 110 beat/min. Dr just give up to 90% for baby on recovery. So happy, hope will discharge soon. Thx Gary & Lai

WOOHOO UPDATE 18/Jun/2010 7.30pm
Baby Matthew is in high dependency unit. Out from ICU! Heartbeat 80-90 beat/min

UPDATE 18/Jun/2010 1.30pm
Some1 left us a comment (but don't dare to leave his BIG name there)

No money go gleneagle wat for?
Stop cheating money

I had mention 1,200,000(this number is a bit kelentong, but I m really disappointed with this fella) times, and I dun mind to repeat here again. Specialist in IJN dun dare to take up his case because the baby is 1 month+ and less than 2.8kg tat time. Only the specialist from Glenagle dare to take the case because he is very experienced and some donor called me and say once they r under Dr Lim supervision. They ask me to pass msg to the parent that they can count on Dr Lim.

And this news come out on news paper (Sin Chew and NST). Please read till the bottom b4 u make ur own assumption.

Sorry it is my mistake for not mentioning IJN in this blog
UPDATE => here

UPDATE 18/Jun/2010 12.00pm
Hi Gary,baby Matthew wake up this morning. He search for sound when Jan sing for him. He will transfer to HDU 3rd floor later if everything is fine. His heart beat still maintain on 55-60 beat/min. He is thinner now but I can feel that the is stronger. Thx Gary, u help us a lot..a lot

UPDATE 17/Jun/2010 1.30pm
The surgeon Dr Lee just visit baby Matthew, he said baby is out of DANGER. Anyway baby heart beat still low 55-60/min. Still in observation closely...WE HOPE TO DISCHARGE ASAP TOO

UPDATE 17/Jun/2010 11.30am
Hi Gary, NST odi published today. Baby Matthew is ok, his heart beat maintain low, last nite drop below 60 beat/min. Now back to 60-70 beat/min. Dr r still observed his condition.Most of the needle & machine is take out. He is sleep most of time..sweet..
link to NST news

UPDATE 16/Jun/2010 6.00pm
Baby Matthew stable. Heart beat still low, 60-70 beat/min

UPDATE 16/Jun/2010 10.30am
O2 take out this morning. They r now close monitoring Baby Matthew..Heart beat r still maintain low below 70 b/min.

UPDATE 15/Jun/2010 5.10pm
Sms from Steward:
Just received another bill, total now up to $38k. Baby heart beat continue to drop, now it is abt 70 beat/min. If less than 70, need to use batteries.. worry

UPDATE 15/Jun/2010 3.30pm
Gary and Lai just come back from Gleneagle.
Steward (dad) look better now. Jan (mom) still very tired. Matthew (baby) still in ICU for monitoring. Dr will remove the oxygen tank later.

UPDATE 14/Jun/2010 11.30pm
Gary got this sms from Steward (the dad)
Hi Gary, just call to ICU, Baby Matthew id look like tough than what we think. Tmr Dr will remove the O2 to let him try to breath.

UPDATE 14/Jun/2010 2.10pm
Dr has sealed the chest and baby is still under close monitoring @ ICU.
11am surgery, 1pm done the sealing surgery.

UPDATE 14/Jun/2010 11.00am
Message from Steward Lim to update Matthew's status.
Hi, our son r now get ready to do 2nd operation, to close his chest...3 dr & 1 nurse r in the ICU room now.....

UPDATE 13/Jun/2010 9.00pm
Sms from Gary:
Dr take out batteries abt 5pm. They try let Matthew heart beat without using batteries. Until just now 8pm, his heart beat is abt 90-98 b/min. According to Dr this rate is acceptable. Will check again tmr whether suitable to do 2nd surgery

UPDATE 13/Jun/2010 11.30am
Sms from Steward:
Hi Gary, our son Matthew is wake up.. He wanted to cry & move his hand and leg!! Frm Steward

Update: 1 more surgery tmr (14/Jun/2010) 11am-2pm to seal his chest. Lets pray

UPDATE 12/Jun/2010 12.30am
Matthew's heart beat (HB) was 100 and reached 200 HB / min yesterday after came out from Surgery hall and admitted to ICU for very very close monitoring.

This noon, around 1pm, Matthew's HB drop to 70HB / minutes and Dr plug in the mechanical battery to boost his heart beat to stablelize @ 100-110 HB/m.

Blood pressure maintain 84/58 @ 1pm.

Overall condition is under control and monitor very very very very very closely by nurse...one to one..almost like eyes ball matching @ ICU, level 1 bed 102. Matthew need to really rest himself after this surgery.

At the moment, is not a good time to visit him yet to avoid bacterias inflection to him.

Let's pray hard for him to survive.

UPDATE 12/Jun/2010 11.30am
Baby Matthew news on Sin Chew

UPDATE 11/Jun/2010 6.12pm
Steward: Surgery Successful! Baby is out and in ICU for close monitoring.
Although still in danger stage, Dr Lim is confidence on Matthew!

  • For believer pls help me to pray for Baby Matthew (too sad I m a free thinker)

    UPDATE 11/Jun/2010 5.45pm
    Steward called, Baby Matthew surgery SUCCESSFUL....!!!!

    UPDATE 11/Jun/2010 3.00pm
    Lai got this sms from the dad.

    Hi Lai, we had discuss with my family,pls stop the donation via fb and blog.We really appreciate on ur effort to help Matthew.Please respect our decision and let NST and Sin Chew to continue for the donation on our operation cost.Thx & appreciated.

  • For people who wish to donate to Baby Matthew, you can donate via NST and Sin Chew. The baby news will be published soon
  • I had removed all account number
  • I will update Baby Matthew condition after 5pm, now still waiting.

    Last but not least, we would like to say a BIG BIG thanks to all the donor to make all this possible.

    UPDATE 11/Jun/2010
  • The baby will have operation on 11/Jun/2010 at 11am-5pm.
  • The dad will open MBB account after Friday. MBB donor please hang on there.
  • I try to get the other account from him
  • Gary will be at the hospital b4 the surgery and at 5pm to update me on Baby Matthew condition.
  • I will update the blog again after 5pm on Baby Matthew condition.
  • I (Lai Chin Lun IC 770614-14-5871) had empty my own MBB account and left RM10 inside. The couple too busy to open a MBB accout, so I loan out my own account to them until this Wednesday(16/Jun/2010). Please email to malaysia.lai@gmail.com for all the transaction you made, as I need to keep an account for it. Sorry Gary I dun follow ur advise, I will do this @ my own risk.

    Hi all,

    We need your help here to spread the following to get donation for baby Matthew. The young couple had a new born baby with 30days old. The baby was admitted into ICU @ Gleneagle due to heart problem.

    According to the letter from the specialist, this baby suffers from:-

    # Situs Solitus, AV concorance, VA disconcordance
    # Overriding pulmonary atery
    # VSD sub aorta and PA side by side
    # Large PDA
    # No Co-Artation of the aorta
    # Single right SVC

    # Pulmonary valves tri-leaf 1.02cm
    # Aortic Valve 0.78cm
    # No pulmonary regurgotation
    # Mild tricuspid regurgitation
    # No mitral regurgitation
    # ASD - Small to moderate

    Conclusion - Arterial switch Operation

    As at now, the bill before surgery is already RM30k and both the couple almost finished up their savings. The heart specialist told them the baby need to go for a major heart surgery which will cost RM45k. After the surgery, the baby still need to be monitored in ICU (RM1k per day in ICU, this exclusive the medical fees).

    Both the husband and wife works in a local bank. Sadly to know from both HR department is that the coverage for Child hospitalization is less than RM5k per annum. They bought an insurance for the mum during pregnancy and again was told by the insurance agent, this heart surgery for baby is not covered!

    Both husband and wife bought house withdrawn from EFP account II. Hence, left no balance to be withdrawn for the child medical fees now. They are now trying very hard to sell their house to raise the fund. Based on my friend banking experience, to sell a house if you have immediate buyer, the documentation and land office transfer will need 3-6 months (at least) to fully completed.

    The couple did went to IJN to seek for help from the specialist. Too bad they don't dare to take up the case because of lack of equipment, baby is just 1month+ and less than 2.8kg. Dr Lim from Gleneagle is a specialist in baby and kids heart and they have the needed equipment there. Sometimes we really dun have choice. They need to do the operation very soon and can't afford to waste any much time to travel and ask around. Put urself to their shoe and u will know how it feel.

    Action Required :-
  • We would like to collect a total of RM100k, and we hope by collecting RM10 (a cost of your lunch perhaps) per person, we will be able to reach the target amount. We hope you can help to donate and spread this news so that we can provide the money for baby Matthew operation.
  • We need to collect RM45k by 11/Jun/2010 (Friday) so baby Matthew can have his major operation done. Subsequent donation is needed for his recovery (and believe me heart problem is a prolong treatment, that why I plan to get another RM60k for him). This will at least ease the young couple finance for 2-3months.

    Anonymous said...

    Penang Adventist Hospital has a Gift of Life Charity Fund targeted to help babies/children suffering from congenital heart disease.

    You can try to apply for the fund as well.


    Chiino Pieces said...

    Hi, got here through my friend. I'll donate. Be strong for your baby.

    Anonymous said...

    hope the little donate work and be strong for ur baby

    Anonymous said...

    Have spread the words in my blog, ppl pls pass on this link if you can: http://www.sanctuaryofhope.blogspot.com

    God bless a smooth operation tomorrow.

    Take care and everything will be alright.


    Anonymous said...

    Have spread the words in my blog, ppl pls pass on this link if you can: http://www.sanctuaryofhope.blogspot.com

    God bless a smooth operation tomorrow.

    Take care and everything will be alright.


    Anonymous said...

    Facebook blocked my accesss at all!
    pls communciate via lkhhkl@gmail.com
    for Matthew's news.

    Gary Lee
    012 337 6122

    chan said...

    Gary. No worry. I will continue to spread the news at my FB

    Jasmine said...

    Hie please let us know if there is a MBB account for baby Matthew.

    Would like to make an effort for little contribution.

    Tweede Waarde

    jeffreylim1 said...

    Hope baby Matthew will get well soon.

    Anonymous said...

    Dear all,

    We are Matthew's mom family member. Please STOP all online donation to whichever bank acct as we have a commitment with Sin Chew & NST. ANy more online donation drive will cause Matthew to lose his donation entitlement from any charity bodies. Any kind person wanting to help, please donate to Sin Chew or NST charity funds acct.
    Please take note of the seriousness by continuing to support any more pledge from anyone except Sin Chew or NST!

    Jan Voon Yoke Kuen's family member

    nicestation said...

    since then, i suggested the money that had gathered just transfered it to nst or the sin chew. need to follow their game rule to enjoy their offer. some more they do have more influence than us here. we just continue do our possible role here... just my 1/2 cents...

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks nicestation for your understanding!

    Anonymous said...

    do post Matthew's update. we would like to know how he will be doing.


    Anonymous said...

    Can the blog owner update us whenever the NST & Sin Chew has published (or ready with) the donation for Matthew please? So that those who may not read the newspaper will know and able to donate via their channels. Thanks a lot. God bless.

    chan said...

    According to the mother (Jan Voon), the information will be available at the respective newspaper ie Sin Chew or NST on either Saturday or Sunday.

    Noob Designer said...

    Let's all do our part and to help Matthew to gain strength and health. Please do post Matthew's update to us. Beside donating, let's pray for him..

    Kenny Yap (Puchong)

    Anonymous said...

    We had no idea about the Sinchew, NST thing when we stopped by today, we apologize...

    We are all praying for baby Matthew

    Darren Cheong said...

    Great news on baby Matthew!

    hope he gets a fast recovery :D

    Anonymous said...

    Happy for baby matthew...he is such a strong boy and may god bless him!!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Dear all,

    We have seen Sin Chew's night edition on Matthew's appeal for donation thus it will be on tomorrow's (12/5/10) paper. As we can't get NST yet, will be browsing the tomorrow's paper and update all.
    We truly thank you everyone's kind heart and thoughts about Matthew. He was resting when we left and there's gonna be nurses watching him 24 hours until he comes out from observation period.
    Again, thank you very much.

    Jan's family member
    (Jan is Matthew's mom)

    Yen Chen said...

    the best news of the day - knowing Baby Matthew's operation has been a success. and good work to every single good souls out there.

    Anonymous said...

    Jesus Loves you ! God is with you ! "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"

    Aice said...

    Thanks god that he is alright! Gambadeh Matthew!!! We Love you

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for informing that Sin Chew has posted the donation news. I have found it from http://search.sinchew-i.com/node/560545?k=matthew. For those who do not read Chinese, you may contact Sin Chew office at 03-79658524/8675 for any query about the donation.

    May God bless the baby and uphold the parents and family.

    Noob Designer said...

    be strong baby matthew, as this is not the end of road for you yet... As for the parents, god have listened to our plead and he will definitely restore the health for baby matthew.

    Anonymous said...

    Mathew was lucky have everyone's love and care! He was received into the world by a heart specialist thus his condition was detected very early which makes it curable. Then he got the passion from his parents and family's close friends to ensure his story was told and shared and thus help was available...... I trust Matthew will grow up strong and healthy to be a useful person in the future. Mighty GODS love are powerful! So many people prayed regardless religion and races.....

    Sonia Yeow said...

    This is a very good and inspiring blog. May I know who is the author, and how can we be part of this.

    Thank you.

    Noob Designer said...

    be sure to check with doctor regarding the infection of bacteria. If baby Matthew always trying to scratch his body and have red rashes, immediately ask the doctor for the cream to apply on the rashes. It will be a long and hard fight from here and is best to have prevention than cure.

    Anonymous said...

    No money go gleneagle wat for?

    Stop cheating money

    Anonymous said...

    dear mr/ms anonymous on june 18, 2010 @ 1:18pm

    i knw u shud had been cheated b4, or just wanna take extra pre-caution..... my gratitude to highlight dis out... but being an educated prsn n a malaysian, pls... read d whole story before make ur own assumption... u can ask for clarification but rmb, u r nobody to justify!

    i'll pray for God to have mercy on u, dat u wont face dis in ur life as God hates ppl who deceive each other... Amen~

    Just me~ kai mui~

    chan said...

    Dear Anonymous (June 18, 2010 1:18 PM),

    I am sure that u are not a parent yet. It is a parent instinct to provide the best to the children even while they are still in the stomach.

    No parents like or even want to go through whatever is being experience by Baby Matthew's parents.

    The baby is so young and fragile and it is definately put him at high risk if he is being transfered here and there. Yes,you have question why the baby is being admitted to Gleneagle instead of government hospital. Under this critical situation, as a parents, you will try to find the best doctor in Malaysia or even in the world in order to cure your baby. For your information, the donation drive derived from a friend which provided assistance to the parents without even being asked to.

    I can assure you, even without the donations, the parents will borrowed from the whole village in order to cope up with whatever expenses that they might encounter in order to make sure baby Matthew to heal and growth.

    Please opn your eye as big as you can and go to the following links and read it yourself.




    If in the event you cant understand Mandarin or English, please do get someoene to translate to the language that you understand.

    I sincerely hope that you pray hard that this kind of situation will never happen to you, so that ppl wont write back to your request and ask u " TO STOP CHEATING MONEY".

    There will always be karma/цен in our life. In the event you dont know what karma is, please refer to the following link:-




    Anyhow, it wont make any different whether you got contribute or not, cause there is so many understanding peoples out there and at the same time,i do think Baby Matthew want to owe anything to a person like you.

    Anonymous said...

    Dear anonymous tat left your kind comment on June 18, 1.18pm,

    Thank you for your comment. We went thru the most critical period without you and will recover from the period without you. If you do not believe us, it is ok. Plese do not put salt into other's injury. I sincerely hope you are blessed with all GODS love from all religion & races that you may NEVER suffer ANY human pain in the rest of your life and so is your family. I am not placing a curse on you but I sincerely believes in KARMA. What goes around comes around! Some people also commented Matthew is facing his karma from past life. Well, maybe he is. But he surely will pass thru it and grow up to be a strong and useful man unlike people like your goodself.

    Thanks again for your comment.
    Wish you well!

    Matthew's family

    chan said...

    Typo Mistake.

    It is suppose to be " Anyhow, it wont make any different whether you got contribute or not, cause there is so many understanding peoples out there and at the same time,i do NOT think Baby Matthew want to owe anything to a person like you.

    malaysia.lai said...

    ok Sorry it is my mistake. I didn't put the IJN info in the blog, just tell the donor verbally. Updating now...

    waiyee said...

    Dear anonymous tat left your kind comment on June 18, 1.18pm,

    Don't talk so rude ! Is just a small little baby, if u don't wish to donate then just keep your mouth shut!! What you did or say, God know it !

    Anonymous said...

    Reply to "Anonymous said... No money go gleneagle wat for? Stop cheating money on June 18, 2010 1:18 PM"

    YOH! You so free to check ppl blog & tell ppl what to do what should do without knowing the truth.. We forgive you- all Matthew's supporters forgive you - Even we are in pain with Matthew situation, but Matthew have a STRONG Heart just like us, as for you - go & get heal your attitude & heart! "

    We thank you for your comments, it shows how special WE ARE - maybe not perfect but we are people with good hearts & trying to have a better life for all..

    God Bless you & yours!

    ps:if you dont like , pls dont check this Blog & leave your comments..coz it will only make you worthless..

    Anonymous said...

    Dear all,

    BTW, would like to share with all that Matthew are out from ICU. His heart beat is slow at only 55 - 60/min but he is a strong fighter! To those who prayed from him, please continue your prays until Matthew regain to normal heart beat rate. Our combined strength will be strong enough to support Matthew and to deter any bad intention/thoughts from others.
    Sincerely thanking all!

    Matthew's family

    weikee said...

    To the person mention

    "No money go gleneagle wat for?

    Stop cheating money "

    Please find the fact before commenting such a statement. if you are unclear you can ask before putting such comment. USE BRAIN and EQ.

    Angeline said...

    Erm... Hi.. is it possible if I go to gleaneagles and hand the donation to matthew's parents?? bcoz from what I read in Sin Chew and NST donation are made through cheque and well I'm 18 and yet to have a cheque book. Please reply ASAP!

    malaysia.lai said...

    Hi Angelina,

    Thanks for your kind support. Can you please contact any 1 of us below (or all even better so I can kepoh also ;-) ).

    Gary Lee: lkhhkl@gmail.com (Steward friend)
    Lai :malaysia.lai@gmail.com (Gary friend, just met Steward)
    Steward Lim: steward.lim76@gmail.com (Baby Matthew dad)

    Lai (the bloody busybody, Gary is the bloody reporter)

    Angeline said...

    reply to malaysia.lai...

    Hi, I have sent am email to your gmail account. I'm hoping to hand out that money ASAP. Wouldn't want to keep it very long as is not only my money. Please reply my email ASAP.

    God Bless you.
    P/s: Is Angeline not Angelina. ;)

    malaysia.lai said...

    reply to Angeline,

    Hi Angeline, I still haven't receive any email from you. Can you please double check on the email. Please send to 3 of us, so we can get back to you ASAP.

    ps: oops sorry for the name.

    Angeline said...

    to malaysia.lai,

    I have resent the email through my gmail this time since hotmail doesn't work.. please reply ASAP

    car donation program said...

    I laud people like Angelina for doing something for a good cause. We need a lot of help in this country and with little acts of kindness, it can go a long way in saving lives.

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