Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Syawal Groceries For the Needies @Sabak Bernam - June 2015

Time flies when you are doing things that you enjoy doing. Again, one Raya has passed. Its just like yesterday when we did the Syawal groceries program at PPR Batu Muda at Jalan Ipoh  during last year's fasting month. Its no different from this year and this year, we go to rural area which is Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor.

Our usual modus operandi apply and we meet up at our first checkpoint - at IPD Kuala Selangor. The team were punctual and we managed to depart on time. Journey was smooth but hit a few bumps and it is more stressful for those volunteers carrying the eggs in their vehicles! Anyway, journey took almost one hour from IPD. It was a hot and sunny day and you can imagine how bored the journey would be .... if not for some fun over the walkie-talkie!

1st checkpoint @IPD Kuala Selangor main road

Rice awaiting us when we arrived. Pre-paid the rice nowadays to ease our backs!

Arranging the groceries for assembly line

Giving out the groceries... #ladyinredblockingtheview

Weather was between super hot and cloudy, but most of us were drenched in our sweat.

Almost done!
Group photos..

Thanks to all for the collective efforts which ensure all groceries items were delivered to the intended recipients. From collection, packing, purchasing and delivery, it was done smoothly and efficiently. Many thanks to the team who spent their Sunday and appreciation to our Muslim volunteers who braved the hot sun and long journey to ensure the event is successful. Again, many thanks to all who have spent their Sunday for this event.