Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back To School (1) - SK Taman Bunga Raya 2, Bukit Beruntung

Our usual year end event is the Back To School and this would be our 5th time organizing this. For this year, we split the event to 2 parts, where one is for the school and another is for the poor families. The school SK Taman Bunga Raya 2, Rawang was selected as the recipients and 50 poor students were selected by the Parents Teacher Association. We have the usual fund raising and also getting additional items for the kids. Behind the scene, dedicated volunteers were bargaining for cheaper price for school uniforms, bags and embroiled bags. It is through the spirit of giving that makes everything falls into place on the day. On behalf of the children, A BIG THANK YOU to all, and not forgetting the donors too who have contributed to make this event a successful one!

Loaded and ready to go...

Toll all the way...

Loading up and prepare for the event

The hand over ceremony

Recipients coming to take their bounty

Smiling faces... ;)

Sweating and no easy task.. I was all wet!

Meanwhile, in the other end of the school.....

Queuing up for the free hair cut! :) 

Even the PTA head also get his hair cut.. Leadership By Example!

Lastly, many thanks to all sponsors and volunteers who had contributed one way or another, not only to this event, but along the years. Without your support and sponsorship, many of 1M1c projects would not have completed or even started. In January 2015, 1M1c will be 5 years old! Thank you to all sponsors as without the support, we would not has lasted this long. I am truly grateful for all the support 1M1c has been getting to keep this movement going.

To keep updating the blog and also Facebook is a bit tedious, hence I decided that all future activities will be updated in Facebook / Twitter (handle name - 1Month1charity) as a single point of information / photos.