Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Report

2011 has just passed and 1M1C is 2 years old! As per our original 'mission statement', we have been consistently doing 1 charity a month and sometimes more, depending on resources and time.

For the year 2011, the accounts are as below :-

Total Collected          : RM 11,090.81
Total Spent                : RM 9,985.90
Balance C/F to 2012  : RM 1,104.91

For this year activities, beside the normal visit to the orphanages and homes, we also start to do feedings for the poor, a joint venture activity with Project Made. We have made trips to Mentakab and Kuala Selangor for the feedings. It has been an adventurous year for 1M1C, as we covered area outside Klang Valley.
We also tried co-sponsored a soup kitchen in Shah Alam for a day, with planning and logistics done, but was postponed to the next month due to sudden emergency, and later, it closed down due to lack of funding. My last check was, they are back in business. We also kick start our first Back To School Program to provide for the poor students in SRJK Hin Hua Klang and also Orang Asli community in Gombak. Hopefully, we will have yearly budget for the Back To School program in the future.

For 2012, we are planning the following projects :-
  1. Festive season feeding for the poor
  2. Sponsor a soup kitchen.
  3. Year end back to school program 2013
We have come a long way since we started 2 years ago, where we didnt have the experience or know-how to do it. But we learned a lot along the way, from smaller homes to feeding 30 families. It is an eye opener for us as well, knowing that there are more people in needs in the society. Perhaps, the best thing we know is, we are in a position to make a difference in others' life. Our original intention is to spread the spirit of giving, and while you may not join us in our monthly activities, but we do hope you would make a difference to a home within your area.

As we juggle between work and 1M1C activities, we do appreciate if any of the readers can give us a hand to let us take a breather! We would love to share our experience so that the spirit of giving is spread across to a wider area!

Here, I would like to thank the following people who has been supporting 1M1C for such a long time, as without your efforts, time and money, all of this would not have been possible.

  1. My sincere thanks to Lai's family for supporting our efforts in order to keep the spirit of 1M1C alive.
  2. I also like to thank many individual donors that had donated to 1M1C, which the list is too long to be mention! Without the support, it would be a little bit tough to maintain what we are doing now.
  3. Not forgetting Lai's group of friends/school mates/ex-colleagues (Yong, Gary, Danny, Yeow Meng, Kate, Tony Lim, etc), whom I never knew until 1M1C started - thank you for help and efforts and giving the much needed support.
  4. Special thanks for our sister NGO like Project MADE, Sri Narayani Foundation and the Ong family who have been helping 1M1C in many ways, through sponsorship, moral support and most of all - friendship.
Thank you again to all! While the world is just too big for us to change, but we can certainly make a difference in people's life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Balance of Groceries Distribution

As there were balance of 7 packs of groceries, we decided to donate it to homes that needs it. I donated to an old folks home, which we have previously visited before, which is Pusat Warga Emas (Klang). My arrival was unexpected its only 930am. They just finished breakfast and I can see one of the volunteers cleaning up the home. I exchange pleasantry with the caretaker, dropped the groceries and sign off the visitor book.

Goodie bags include 'ikan bilis'..which was much welcome by the caretaker.

2 bags of groceries + 1 pack of rice.

I proceed to another nearby home, which take cares of Down Syndrome children and handicapped children. The home is very new, as they basically tore down the old house and rebuild the home at the cost of RM1 million. They just moved into the house in May 2011. Hence, everything is still new and still need some things.

There are 20 tenants here, with 5 staffs. I saw 2 Indonesian maids in the house to help out as well. The tenants also recycle newspaper and does some packaging to generate income for the home. I was brought around the house to see the condition.

Sleeping room

A good Samaritan donated the cupboards for the clothings

Adjacent room which is still empty

Christmas wish...
Daily roster

Tenants doing packaging work...

Groceries delivered for the home

I proceed to find another orphanage in need, but couldnt find the location the last time. Again, failed miserably today. Hence, I decided to drop the final 3 groceries bag at Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam.

A revisit...

Tenants came out and help bringing in the groceries

3 bag full + 4 packs of milk powder + 2 packs for rice

List of items required by the home

With the above deliveries, the only balance are the few packs of milk powder, which will be redistributed to other homes as well. With this completed, we conclude the year 2011 with gratitude to all sponsors, donors and volunteers.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Orang Asli Feeding and Christmas Party 2011

One of the activities planned for 2011 was to have an event for the Orang Asli. I have actually no idea where, when or how I will do it. But I think when you put your head into it, things will just fall into place. After much delayed, I manage to squeeze this into Dec event. I made contact to one of the Raleigh volunteer who put in me in touch with his friend and then the local contact person. We had about 1 month of planning and discussion prior to the event. As I was very busy with work, Hj Ainie from Project MADE had willingly organize the logistics for me. This event, could not had happen without her diligence, her volunteers, donors and for this, I am very grateful for her help! Both of us had sleepless night the night before and was still up at 2am SMS-ing each other!

List of good bags for 30 families...
The road to the village

During the planning session, we went on site 2 times, the first to get to know the local contact person and the second time, to check the location, as we were worried that the location might be deep in the jungle. Based on the first visit, we were told that the hall is 'walking distance'. Later we realised that maybe there might be a different definition between native and a city boy. So, to ensure I dont drag the whole bunch of volunteers through the mud (literally), we feel its better to check it out! To our relieve, it was reachable by car and no walking required (lucky for city people like us!).

After loading the stuff in our cars, we proceed to McDonald Gombak and arrive about 930. It was fully pack due to the number of people heading to Genting. Somehow, we manage to get all the FB volunteers and if I am not wrong, I think attendees were 100%!!! :) The first ever!!! We have about total of 11 cars in the group.

As we depart from McDonald to check point 2, a team of volunteers from Raleigh was already there waiting for us. From there, we proceed to our destination. The scenery to the destination is just great, with forest at both side of the road (and some rubbish too!~ hey, we are MALAYSIANS!).

Yup.. this is Malaysia...

Upon arrival, the volunteers help unload the stuff and with so many of them, the stuff were move very fast! And the next activity will be sorting them into the Ikea bags donated by a volunteer. To let you judge the amount of things for this trip, check out the photos! We have an experience volunteer, Zaidi to setup the work area to ensure ease of distribution of good bags.

School bags.. and bags..and bags.....

Unloading the goodies...

Tins of biscuits....

I was a bit stress to see so many things to do but was put at rest seeing so many volunteers automatically doing what is required. A good 'rest' for me in a busy day. We basically had about 20+ volunteers, aside from 1M1C, with the additional coming from PM. Volunteers were busy registering the recipients, organising the school uniforms, school bags, stationaries... while another batch was busy putting in all the goodies in the bags. Basically, the number of volunteers were great. All those youngsters help out in organising the stuff, moving stuff.. and we have family volunteers which provided their own cookies and sweets to the children.

Goodies brought by the volunteers for repackaging..

Arranging the work parameter

So many things to unpack and repack!

Each bag contains sugar, salt, wheat flour, maize, dried fish, sardines, Milo, condensed milk, jam, biscuits and bread

30 packs of rice, books, kids toys were part of the give-away.

Toys, used clothes...

Socks for distribution...

60 loaves of bread!

Sorting out the stationary

The caterers came in later, with food for 170 the local contact gave us 70 people from this village..while the rest are from 'nearby' village. And we begin to start worrying as if they rest of the people will turn up? I can see local contact pax bit stress and was frequently on the phone. It was a stressful for everyone but I think it is beyond his control, while on our end, what is going to happen to the rest of the goodies bag and food? As the goodies bag were all sorted out, we decided to start the makan first. As we eat, and eat, and eat...these 'nearby' ppl were no where insight, and was feeling really bad to have so many people waiting.

Caterers getting ready to serve the food.... Thanks Hannah for feast! :)

Lunch time!
Menu consist of rice, fried chicken, vegetables, cakes, banana and drinks

Jom makan!
Having their lunch in one of the home

While waiting for the rest of the people to arrive, some volunteers gave the kids goodies bag. After finishing lunch, we decided to give the groceries bag to the registered families.

Distributing the goody bag to the recipients

School bags were given to every kids!

Goody bags for the kids

Registered recipients lining up

Happy faces!

Chief Registration Officer validating the record! :) Thanks Kate!

Recipient signing the acceptance form once receive the goody bag.

Bit heavy stuff actually..

For the additional food, we manage to find the orphanage and called up and told them we have food to donate and the contact person willingly accept it. As the 2nd batch of recipients didnt turn up, we decided to call it a day.

One for the Album!

We proceed to this Muslim orphanage that is before the village.The orphanage is not well-maintained properly and the wooden buildings are just built beside the river and water stream. We thought it was a bit strange to see a Muslim orphanage in a bad condition. Later we met the ustaz as a matter of courtesy, and hurriedly excuse ourselves when his sermons was about to start.......;)

Donated a few bags of groceries

Once the food stuff were given, it was about 2pm and we decided to call it a day. We departed the from the orphanage, and hoping to meet our newly found friends in the next activity. With this, I would like extend my sincere thanks to the following people, who made this activity a success event.

Drum roll....>>>>>

Special thanks to the following people...
  1. Hj Ainie Project MADE for making this event possible
  2. Volunteers from Project Made, Zaidi, Ibrahim,  Murugan, Kumar
  3. Rotary Club from Melawati
  4. 1M1C volunteers - Ben, Cloe, Joey, Lee Ming,  Mariaanne, Tony, Yeow Meng, Ong, Gary, Hew, Yee Choeng,  Shiela Angie, Saw, Kate & Jia Yin (thorough job at the registration counter!!)
You can read more about this event from Bernie and Project Made's blog.

Note :- Have not have the time to sort out the expenses yet. Will post once its done.