Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Report

2011 has just passed and 1M1C is 2 years old! As per our original 'mission statement', we have been consistently doing 1 charity a month and sometimes more, depending on resources and time.

For the year 2011, the accounts are as below :-

Total Collected          : RM 11,090.81
Total Spent                : RM 9,985.90
Balance C/F to 2012  : RM 1,104.91

For this year activities, beside the normal visit to the orphanages and homes, we also start to do feedings for the poor, a joint venture activity with Project Made. We have made trips to Mentakab and Kuala Selangor for the feedings. It has been an adventurous year for 1M1C, as we covered area outside Klang Valley.
We also tried co-sponsored a soup kitchen in Shah Alam for a day, with planning and logistics done, but was postponed to the next month due to sudden emergency, and later, it closed down due to lack of funding. My last check was, they are back in business. We also kick start our first Back To School Program to provide for the poor students in SRJK Hin Hua Klang and also Orang Asli community in Gombak. Hopefully, we will have yearly budget for the Back To School program in the future.

For 2012, we are planning the following projects :-
  1. Festive season feeding for the poor
  2. Sponsor a soup kitchen.
  3. Year end back to school program 2013
We have come a long way since we started 2 years ago, where we didnt have the experience or know-how to do it. But we learned a lot along the way, from smaller homes to feeding 30 families. It is an eye opener for us as well, knowing that there are more people in needs in the society. Perhaps, the best thing we know is, we are in a position to make a difference in others' life. Our original intention is to spread the spirit of giving, and while you may not join us in our monthly activities, but we do hope you would make a difference to a home within your area.

As we juggle between work and 1M1C activities, we do appreciate if any of the readers can give us a hand to let us take a breather! We would love to share our experience so that the spirit of giving is spread across to a wider area!

Here, I would like to thank the following people who has been supporting 1M1C for such a long time, as without your efforts, time and money, all of this would not have been possible.

  1. My sincere thanks to Lai's family for supporting our efforts in order to keep the spirit of 1M1C alive.
  2. I also like to thank many individual donors that had donated to 1M1C, which the list is too long to be mention! Without the support, it would be a little bit tough to maintain what we are doing now.
  3. Not forgetting Lai's group of friends/school mates/ex-colleagues (Yong, Gary, Danny, Yeow Meng, Kate, Tony Lim, etc), whom I never knew until 1M1C started - thank you for help and efforts and giving the much needed support.
  4. Special thanks for our sister NGO like Project MADE, Sri Narayani Foundation and the Ong family who have been helping 1M1C in many ways, through sponsorship, moral support and most of all - friendship.
Thank you again to all! While the world is just too big for us to change, but we can certainly make a difference in people's life.

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