Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flood Relief Activities - Tanah Merah, Kelantan

As expected, the flood happened again this year at East Coast. While I was hoping Back To School to be our last event of the year, I could not help it, but to wait to see how things goes. True to the case, it did happened and it was more severed that last year. A quick relief was to provide food to the needies and amount of RM750 was raised and Milo and Dutch Lady tetrapack was sent out to sister NGO to deliver to the those in needs.

A second opportunity for us to get involved with flood relief was provided by Dr Azma and Roshida for us to help in Tanah Merah. I was happy to be provided with an opportunity to help the community again. As usual, FB event page was created and for this trip, we had about 20 people that we hardly know that join this trip. After the logistic arrangements, and off we go! :) Our main objectives was to provide groceries to the home and help to clean up.

We took the route Bentong-Raub-Kuala Lipid to reach Tanah Merah. Journey was smooth and quick.

As we enter Kuala Krai, we can see the houses that was submerged by water earlier. Loads of clothes were left hanging out - not sure for disposable or dry. Loads of 4WD were in town and some were dropping off stuff to the homes at the main road. Some homes are receiving so much they can probably open grocery store after this. We proceed to our destination and rest for the night. 
Next morning we go into the rubber tapper plantations. Due to the rainy weather, they were unable to do any work, hence no income. Team JB brings school uniform to be test and given a way to the children. Groceries pack also given away to the families.

Fully loaded

Check point

Kuala Krai... or Kuala "Cry" as my friend put it.

Water level is that high...

Some cars stop by and give what they can

I cant imagine the night the water reach that level

Water level is that high!

Furniture that needs to be replaced

The bridge that was covered by the flood water

Strong stench smell of garbage

Garbage along the road

Check point at new town at Tanah Merah while waiting for our host

All that needs cleaning

Day2 - Ready to roll

Rubber tapper's home

All gone...

Check the water stain...

As we were at the end of our distribution, village chief received a call on the next kampung where no help was given. We decided to purchased from a nearby town in order help them. We traveled about 30km to the nearest grocery store and "raided" all the rice (not much left as we got only 40 5kg pax), eggs (10 eggs for each family), packet cooking oil and mee hoon. 

Stock clearance

The egg mobile as usual.. ;)

Total amount spent for the groceries.. RM500 from 1M1c

Unload, resort and repack

1 home 10 eggs..and plastic bag cooking oil

This home has been cooking for 9 days to provide food to those who are still stranded. Respect!

I asked how high was the water level, and the answer was - below my flippers... :P

Total disaster

The flood water was like ocean waves on that night...

Giving out to the families

Day3 - As we left Kuala Krai town, this is what we saw.

Locals crossing the road as some people are giving stuffs away here before entering the town

I wish we can bring and give more to the locals, but with our limited space, there is only so much we can do. I would like to thank all sponsors who have responded in time and money, as it allows 1M1c to help the people in need. While this flood is unavoidable in Malaysia due to the monsoon season, let us hope that the nation will be more prepare in coming disaster. Again, many thanks to all for supporting us. ;)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back To School (2) for Needy Families, Port Klang

For Back To School 2, the recipients are from the families that we are providing the groceries and additional 2 needy families. As some of the children are leaving school this year, we have fewer recipients than originally expected.

We are providing uniforms to 22 children from 8 families. Each of the children will receive 1 set of school uniform, 1 pair of shoe and 2 pairs of socks. With Christmas around the corner, we will also bring the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch. Many thanks to all sponsors and volunteers for their time and sponsorship, else this event would not have been possible. Not forgetting the goody bags sponsors - additional items inside -
stationary bag, stationary set, pencil case & note book.

Arriving at the supermarket

Help the children fit the uniforms

Apa size?!

After the uniforms, the shoes!

Socks too!

Susah mahu cari size....
Payment time!

Pizza Hut lunch after that.....
Thank you sponsors for the goody bags!

Contents of the goody bag

Getting ready to eat...
Service Above Self - Serving them before us

Everyone enjoy the meal. I asked the one kid when is the last time he had Pizza Hut, he answered more than 6 months.. my heart dropped for a few seconds upon hearing that. So, thank you to all sponsors who have make this event a meaningful one for the children.

This event marks the end of our 2014 event... This year, it has been good year like previous years. There has never been short of sponsors and things will just always fall in place at the end of the day. For that, I am always appreciative of the sponsors who have contributed. Again, wishing you all a good year ahead! :)

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.