Monday, May 23, 2011

Pot Luck @ Rumah Caring Kajang

For this month's activity, we planned for a pot luck lunch at Rumah Caring Kajang. We had been here before and this would be our 3rd visit. We decided to do a pot luck lunch, in conjunction with Mother's & Father's day celebration. We arrived around 11:30am, and while waiting for some of them to return from Sunday service, we prepare the food and to be served.

The chairlady, Ms Wendy mentioned that this is a 'dry season', as most of the time, people will donate during CNY and Ghost festival, where temples will provide the groceries. Hence, this visit comes at a good time when less people donate to homes.

We have a wonderful chef who cook mee hoon, fried rice and vegetables for lunch. Some of the stuff were brought by another team which is much appreciated, being able to add on to the menu. We had jelly, fruits, red bean soup, packet soya bean drinks and KFC. Thanks to all who contributed one way or another to make this a successful lunch!

Ready to attack the food!!!

Heard this aunty say 'Thank you'  a few times, and I can imagine how happy she is having this pot luck..


Enjoying the food..

The modified hall for the tenants

Cabinets for storage

Our donation this month + another group's donation as well

For this month, we purchased about RM500. Details later.

We were invited for fund raising on the 31st July 2011. So, remember to check out our Facebook page for more details! :) Again, thanks to all the donors who have contributed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam

Utilized RM247 from the budget of RM350 and bought the groceries for the home Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam. We came here sometime back.

Deliveries for this trip

Note :- The RM350 has been deducted in Mar 2011 expenses. Hence it will not reflect in the main expenses spreadsheet.