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Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels

Rumah Kanak-Kanak Angel
Date: 12/12/2010 Sun
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Address : 126 Jln Hujan Gerimis 2,
Tmn Overseas Union, Bt.5 Jln Klang Lama, 58200 KL

Caretaker: Ms Belinda Chew
Home Profile: 5 boys + 9 girls, Age: 5 - 13 years old, Race: Chinese & Indian.

Lovely ANGELS posting after they had their McDonald's lunch..followed by Twisty snack...

"A picture tells a thousand words", so hopefully those who see this will be able to help to reduce Belinda's burden to run and manage the Angels in the house. (Dont ask us what is Wet Marketing.. we also dont know...)

Look at those trophies in the cabinet.....these are really achievers club. With their current situation their spirit to strike for the best in study & sports has never stop the ANGELS to perform in life.

1. Visitors from Singapore (Melinda - Blessing In A Bag)
2. Camera Girls (Ms Chan & Ms Lai - you cant see them cause they are holding the camera la)
3. All 13 donors / volunteers (most of us choose to be low profile and dont want to be seen)
The team of 5, from Blessings In A Bag had earlier found our blog, and contacted us to join in our monthly event. After almost 2 months of planning & logistics discussion, here we are today, making all the planning a reality! We picked the Singapore team from church in Subang, and proceed to the home. They come with 2 large bags with full of stuffs!!!

(L) Melinda + (R) Belinda = LindaS power!

Melinda with ANGELS...

Both Lindas are busy unloading the clothings, dresses, puzzles, dictionary & stationery.
(Boy in pic) Harry Lee is looking and envying the items....i told him that he need to train hard in his badminton training inorder for me to award him the thingsss....

We appreciate the kind heart of Melinda and team, taking the efforts to carry 20kgs bag, flying cross border to do this charity with us. Make us proud of them! Bah kata pepatah, "Nak Seribu Daya, Tak Nak seribu dalih" and i always belief that: If you think you can, YOU CAN!

Photos Of our delivery for this December 2010 for ANGEL.

The final 3 tins of biscuits to be delivered today (purchased earlier, receipt in earlier posting), of which 1 for Angel & 2 for HELP Education Center (Myanmar Refugee) in the 4pm visit.
We also bought Milo, cooking oil, Rice, Frozen foods (Hotdogs, burgers, crab sticks, nuggets, french fries), jam, butter, eggs, biscuits & etc.... I am hungry....

Overall Cost
Econ Save list - RM 388.07
McDonald's Lunch RM 180.40
Grand total: 568.47

As we are still updating the donor listing, the name list will be published within this week to update every one. This issue arise from delay of Interbank GIRO Funds transfer into our account, and sometimes the funds is deposited without notification. So, we really appreciate if you can send a note if you are doing a online transfer. Hence, i lost quite a lot off hairsssss to reconcile and perform tracking.

Looking at these happy faces, I can feel their happiness under Belinda in Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels - a well manage & maintain orphanage. 

While we were there, someone are providing the home with party and was arranging the food at the open space area. Perhaps its a good day today, as there was about 6 different teams visiting the home! From cash, food & even a party! :) Feels good to know there are many caring people out there.

Belinda also informed us that there are volunteers bringing the kids for movie outing, KLCC jalan-jalan & etc. Which we think is a thumbs up idea to ensure the kids is exposed to the surrounding and keep up to date info. I notice the house do have ASTRO TV Channel - a good learning tools. 

We left the place about 230pm, headed for quick lunch ....and the next location is the HELP Community Learning Centre (Myanmar Refugees)

Look at their smile on their faces......really makes me so happy....

We hope the readers of this blog can spread the love and caring hearts to the others.Thank you for reading!

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