Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Christmas Party With Myanmar Refugee Kids

We decided to have the Christmas/Year End/New Year party with the young children from Myanmar a.k.a refugees. Lots of work and time was spend in getting the logistics and to ensure all things goes well. We informed Chris on the date, so that the students are informed with a mailer to the parents.

Special thanks to the Yeo family for the snacks, clothes, toys for the party packs.....

Whistle ..we almost gone deaf when they blew it all at the same time..thanks to one misbehaving volunteer Gary the exec-Kuli..ahem.. :P
This is the most favourite toy around as the kids were very focus on this!

Twisties Curry taste..yum yum...

Some adult clothes to be given to the parents of the kids.

2nd most favourite toys for the boys!!!

As the 'Food Department' was late in delivering the food, our volunteer start the party by playing musical chairs and the kids have lots of fun with this.

Waiting for the party to start

Party packs ready to be given away and food at the background

Talented kid.. he performed Justin Bieber's Baby Baby..but video is 277Mb to be uploaded!!

Waiting to storm the food!!! Total count - 68 of them.

The smaller kids performing a song

Dont want to sing, but teacher say Sing! ha ha...

Lining up for the food..the kids are well disciplined. Thumbs up for them!

Food Dept very slow...queue is loooong !!!

Its like a assembly line, take fork n spoon, noodle, rice, nuggets, chicken meat and hot dogs...

Enjoying their food and drinks. 6-8 yrs old

3-6 years old

Junk foods!!!

Gift time!! Kids have their hands full of it as there are so many freebies...

One for me, one for you....

So many things to take, my hand are just so small!

Opps...too many stuff and the bag koyak!

Boys will always be boys! Lining up for the party packs

Excited kids looking at what is waiting for them

Enjoying their party packs...

Favourite toys.. the handphone!!!

...and race car!!!

Handphone toy again ...

Going back time....

Finished !!! Nothing left to tapau also...!

As part of the required items based on the earlier list, we wanted to donate 2 fire extinguishers earlier, but was told that UNHCR will donate this in the coming week, so with the budget RM300 is will be utilize for other things. We will be getting big floor mat to cover the whole kindergarden.


First Aid Kit and also toys for the center

Our Expenses
a) Paper plate - 100 (split to 2 and it become 200!), Fork n Spoon - 150 pairs -Cost - RM14.80
b) Chicken Nugget / Hot Dog / Fried Noodle / Rice -RM160
c) Drinks - 100 plus / Coke/ Ice cream soda - 15 bottles / tissue paper / paper cups - RM62
d) 3 chickens - RM52
e) 2 study tables - RM180
f) First Aid Kits - RM 170

Lastly, special thanks to all the donors and volunteers who have make this party a success, and thanks to the Yeo family, the toys are just fantastic!!! The most popular one is the handphone and the race car! Also thanks to the volunteer who brought a nice chocolate cake..

A cake for the volunteers
 We started this in January 2010, and it has been a year full of activities, and I am glad that  COLLECTIVELY all of us have make a difference in the life of underprivileged people.  We hope to have more participation in the coming year. Have a good year ahead and God bless all of you. Thank you.

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