Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HELP Community Learning Centre (Myanmar Refugees)

Date: 12/12/2010 Sunday

Time: 4pm - 5pm
Venue: Help Education Center (Myanmar Refugee)

Caretaker: Chris Jong

Contact: 012 873 0380

Profile: Myanmar Refugee

Total: 95 kids age 4-17.

Upon finishing lunch, we proceed to the HELP Community Center in Kepong. The school is normally not open on Sunday, but the centre has gracefully accommodate to change Monday's schedule to Sunday. When we reach there, the kids were in class. Not many students came over as its a Sunday.

Class in Progress

Stair case mural
Lovely wall mural

Chris was there to greet us and ushered us to his office, explained to us how the refugees make their way to Malaysia. All of them are currently in transition to English speaking country such as US, Australia, etc. The objective of this school is to provide basic education to the kids, so that they are able to have a better life when they are relocated. 

Briefing by Chris on the center's core mission

We were told that the refugees paid to come to Malaysia and have to travel through the jungles for 2 weeks to reach Malaysia, and during the time, their safety is at risk. You would have to hear the story right from Chris to know how bad the situation is. We should be lucky that we have our country, compared to them where they are prosecuted by their own government and face all the danger traveling through the jungle to reach here.

The center consist of 2 floors, which can accommodates 95 students. Currently, total students increase about 5 each month, and they are looking to expand to another floor in the next building.
The corridor between the offices and the class room. Reminds me of those tuition days!

Seems that everyone here loves to smile!

Class room for the 15-17yrs old students

Upper floor class for the younger children

Guess the kids love the attention given for the day.

Photos with the pretty ladies .. ;) 

Happy faces.. Remember, happiness is in the state of your mind.

Our deliveries this round is mostly stationary 
Great gift for the kids from Melinda & team.

Stationary purchased from Tesco..all comes up to nearly RM400!!!

Our deliveries which are all stationary and 2 tins of biscuits

Teacher (L) with Melinda (R)

Students with our Singaporean guest

The team with Chris

Class in action. Used tables from kindergarden.

Again, thank you to all the donors again for making this visit a success. We hope to see more of you all soon. Special thanks for Melinda & team for joining us again and with all the gifts.

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