Monday, July 14, 2014

Groceries for the Needies at PPR Taman Sri Manja, Old Klang Road - Jun 2014

In conjunction with the fasting month, we decided to provide groceries to needy families located in PPR Tmn Seri Manja (Old Klang Road). Eighty 80 needy families were selected by the Committee as usual. We are very grateful for the sponsors who have never failed to sponsors for events like this and volunteers who have help and assist during the event - else the beneficiaries would not be able to benefit from the program like this.

80 trays of eggs purchased from wholesale market a day before to ensure freshness... but not my car!

Unloading and arranging the stuffs

That many stuff for each family!

Committee at work - all ladies.. suspecting all the guys were still sleeping due to football match last night.. haha...

All sorted and ready to go...

Taking a breather after all the unloading

Who photograph the photographer? :)

Thank you Tupperware Malaysia for the mini rolls popiah! :)

Before the event start....

Opening speech by Dr Azma....

Giving the recipients on our program

Taking their allocated groceries

Volunteers helping out
Noodles from Joleen and team, Gladys and team, Choco pack from Power Root
Surprised with their bounty as they were expecting rice only
Final 6 families that didnt turn up, their stuff were given to other needy families
Sending the recipients home to a nearby taman, which is all low cost flat.

1M1c would like to thank all the direct and indirect contributors for their kind contributions to the needy families. We hope to see you in our future event! Again, thank you to all who have help us in making project like this successful. For more photos, please click here.