Sunday, January 16, 2011

Visit to Drug Rehabilitation Center (Cheras)

For a change, we decided to go to a drug rehabilitation center instead of the normal old folk/orphanage. The home located at Cheras Perdana which is maintained by Mr Low. The house is also supported by Ms Wendy (from Kajang Caring Home) which is how we get to know about this place. As usual, we called and arrange the date, time and what is required by the home. For today's visit, I purchased all groceries first to save time. We meet up at Jaya Jusco Cheras Perdana before proceed to the home.

When we reach there, Mr Low was outside expecting us. He briefed us on the house 10 years history. The house provides counseling and guidance for those who have got involved in drugs. The total tenants here are 25, all males, age ranging from 15-40 and all Chinese, except 1 Indian. Most of them are sent here by families with the hope that they will change for the better.

Advisory board
Mr Low as a former drug addict, has taken the role to help these tenants by guiding them and provide a place called home. Most of them stay for at least 12-18 months to go through the rehabilitation course, and once they are confident to leave the place, they will return to the society. They will follow up with them to see if they are able to adapt to the outside world and if not, they are always welcome back to the home.

By guiding them to the correct path, it reduce less issues in our complex society. It is a long road, but it is a start. We hope the public will support homes like this, provide those who have recovered a job and a second chance, as rejecting them will only push them where they started. While we were there, there was about ten of them, well behave and chit chatting outside the garden. With their willingness to be there, it brings more hope of recovery.

List of Graduates from the home

Daily schedule
Based on the information provided by Mr Low, the most popular drug now is syabu, also known as 'ice'. Syabu caused users to hallucinate, which can last for a few days. I wont elaborate here on the outcome of using drugs, but impact of it can be read from here and here.

Newspaper cutting highlighting the drug cases

Everyone in the home does their own house chores to instill self discipline and self-reliance. So, no washing machine here! For groceries, the home do get unsold vegetables from the market donated by the vegetable sellers, and sometime, chap farn stalls brings their daily left over here. (Finally, my unanswered question is answered!)

Every quarterly, the home has to submit a report to Agensi Anti-Dadah Kerajaan (ADK). Currently, the agency is considering provide funding to the home. As maintaining the home is not an easy task, we hope more people will donate food and groceries.

If you know anyone that needs help in counseling and advice, you can contact Mr Low. 

Our deliveries
Rice, luncheon meat, baked beans, soya sauce, biscuits, washing powder & liquid. Should have taken more photos, but CPO was busy talking...:P
Total Amount Used : RM320.50


Other Source of Drug Rehabilitation Statistics

2010 Report

Planned to do a summary of 2010 activity, but was tied up with work. So finally, spend some time and manage to complete it.

Our Mission
To do one charity a month.

The idea of 1M1C started from discussions on what we can do to give back to the society. As we look into our lives, knowing we are much more fortunate compared to many people. Hence, we started to collect money and able to contribute to the homes that needs help. Our first month collection was only RM200 and it start growing from there.

We have a core team to plan, co-ordinate the monthly activities and collection of funds. Our funding comes from donors and strangers who comes and go, depending on their financial capability.

Permanent Donors
During the early stage, donors comes and go. With new people joining, ideas were formed and decide that we can have a group of permanent donors, which makes planning easier as we know we have a minimum amount to contribute in a month.
2010 Report
Total Homes Contributed - 19
Total Collections for 2010 - RM8260

Our Hope
As our contributions are very minimal compared to the homes' monthly expenditure, which can comes up to RM10-30k a month, we hope that based on our visit and blog update, it will open the path to those people who read it, hoping they will do their contribution themselves without us and also to generate more awareness to the public. Based on our visits across Klang Valley, there are homes in every town that you can help.

Moving Forward
We hope readers will be inspired to do more charity and help others in need. With price of groceries going up, the homes need every single little contribution that you can help.

Special Thanks
There are many strangers that has contributed to the fund which we have not met. A big THANK YOU for your contribution.