Tuesday, August 7, 2012

St Judes Home, Shah Alam

We received an email request and decided do our bit to help the home. We did a pre-visit to the home to
understand the home's need and basically, its the grocery. We arrive on a hot Saturday afternoon, and was greeted by Mr Ravi and his wife. We quickly unload the groceries and was given a tour around the home.

Mini Ongs distributing the goodies to the kids

The home is only 4 years old, and mainly survived from donation from public, and also home rental is currently paid by the church. It currently is the home to 32 tenants, and 20 of them were picked up from the street or from General Hospital. There are 3 kids there, which was abandoned by their parents. There is also a few single mother staying there as well.

Mr Ravi briefing us on the home

The memory loss tenant....cant remember much

The porch

Welcome committee that was charging towards me when I arrived....It was either I ran back to my car or I stay still... and I won! :)

The 3 children abandoned by their parents

This uncle has memory lost, no IC, dont talk much. But due to our JPN Mobile, manage to match his fingerprint through their database and found he is from Pulau Ketam.

The home has their own little garden, and we also met the 20 new tenants that arrived today - 20 little ducklings.
Brinjal plants

Mini garden with all sorts of vegetables

The land beside the home where boards are thrown here
The boards are burned to get the metal for resale. We feel its a bit waste to burn it due to environment issue and hope someone will buy from there to make it a win-win situation
The young man that has his skull wack off....

The forgetful tenant...forgot that she has just eaten 15mins ago and claimed that she has not eaten for the whole day...

Donated items
In this home, I met the old, the blind, the mentally disturb, the memory lost, stroke patients, 2 ex-gangsters that are bed-ridden. One is a 25 years old man who had his head hacked and currently is living without partial of his skull and his 23-years old wife is taking of him, while the other is a early 50's man, bed-ridden due to stroke. As I see them lying there motionless, I can only wonder if they ever thought how their life would end up like this.

The home may not have much, but it provide a roof and food to the tenants. Even though the tenants have their own problems, but they help each other and make the home a better place to live in. While we were there, we can see them helping the rest that are unable to move by feeding them. It may look like sad situation for normal people, but from our 1 hour conversation with Ravi, I never sense a feeling of sad, anger or regret from him. I personally think it takes a strong man to do a job like this. It gives me hope in humanity that there are still people that are willing to give up all the material things in life for a better spiritual life.

For this round, we spent RM433.54 for the home with the following items purchased - diapers, mee hoon, vegetables, washing powder, bleach, dish washer, potatoes, tomatoes, soap, floor washing liquid, nuggets, onions, sardines and milk powder. Additional items donated are 10 tray of eggs (donor from NS) and 10 packet of Oligo drinks (Power Root). Ravi did request for 1 stand fan (3 if you can donate), a second hand freezer and some clothes.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all our donors and friends for giving us the funding to do more work like this. Also like to thank Ong & Wendy & kids for the support.

Additional information :- http://stjudehomepj.blogspot.com/