Monday, October 31, 2011

Help Thailand flood victim here

Bangkok are flooded badly. For those who wanted to donate and help, here is the channel.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deepavali Feeding at Mentakab

For Deepavali, we were invited by Project MADE to participate in the feeding at Mentakab, and we gladly help along. As usual, all purchases are done earlier and it needs to be repack. I cant imagine the amount of work required done by Ainie! We meet up at at McDonald Gombak toll at 730am for breakfast before we start our day. For this feeding, the team covers Mentakab, Karak, Temerloh, Maran, Jerantut and Kuala Krau. The total contigent were 6 cars with 1 lorry carrying the boxes of dry food.

For this Deepavali feeding, we had 2 surprises. One was 40 packs of dry food donation from the The Textile Merchant Traders Association of Jln. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jln. Masjid India and Jln. Melayu. There is also a generous donor who gave RM200 for distribution. 

A great cooling morning and I am singing Take Me Home, Country Road... ;)

Packed with food stuffs! Dont ask who took the photo....

Our first destination with 4 houses to distribute

First house

Wendy giving the angpow from the donor. Father is bed-ridden

The feeding pack consist of rice, sugar, flour, oil, dhall, sardines, fruit cordial, biscuits, milk, chili sauce, fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fruits, cakes and many, many more food items. 500 Gardenia bread rolls were also available for distribution to the kids and this is the tough one to finish!

The extra ordinary Ong family came in full force for the distribution. They donated 40 bag of fruits, 40 sponge cakes, candy sticks, jelly cups, lollipops, choc wafers and apples.

The Deepavali goodies!

Getting recipients' details

Heading towards the 2nd home

Ang pow for the Mother. A sad case as this year, she lost 4 of her kids from accident to suicide.

Family of 5, youngest is 2 years old.... father is in jail...

Wishing them well and its worth to see all the kids' smiling faces.

The Deepavali Food Pack by the Textile Association. It sure makes a lot of difference to the homes for this Deepavali.

Deepavali Goodies

House located 'under ground' level

The leaking roof takes its toll....

Going to places we would normally wont go

Its still a home, no matter what...

Getting the recipients details

Uncle Rain was waiting for us...

Renting 1Msia?

Went to another plantation to deliver the goodies

Knock knock, whose there? House was locked and we just keep knocking. Maybe they dont believe we are giving things for free?

The last few destinations...

Traveling through the plantation
Three families in a home..

An empty house, but I hope its a home...

The laughter and commotion of the day seems to filled the house with warmth and cheerfulness.

One last destination in the town center

12 families at the low cost apartments

Sorting out the goodies

Getting the recipients details and giving the goodies to the kids

Good bags all sorted out...ready for the 12 families!

Happy faces!

Snapping the photographers for a job well done! :)

A place that we wont be able to find if we do it on our own...special thanks to the local contact person who seems be able to find the needies

Allocation of 2 set goodies for the home

Wendy giving the ang pow donated by her donor. The kids here does not have birth cert, no IC and no school.. what does the future hold for them?

It took the whole team 12 hours to complete this feeding and everyone is glad we complete it, even though we overshot by 3 hours. It was another 2 hours journey back to KL, but I think it was a worthy cause to do this for Deepavali with so many homes in need. We hope our small contribution will help them in this festive celebration.

Special thanks to all who made the trip a successful one and the donors too!
  1. The Textile Merchant Traders Association
  2. Usha - President of Inner Wheel Club of KL North & Family
  3. Mr. Remanan - Rotary Club KL North
  4. Loretta Rozario - IWC KL North
  5. Mr. Ong, his wife: Wendy Chai & Family
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Maniam & Family
  7. Mr. Vanan
  8. Valsala - President of Inner Wheel Club of PJ
  9. Mr. Nambiar - Hon. Secretary of ALL Malaysia Malayalee Association
  10. Mr. Ramoo - AMMA
For alternate site report, please refer to the following by Project Made

1M1C contribution for this round :- RM298.55