Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY Celebration (1) at Tg Sepat

With CNY2@Jeram completed, the next event is for Tanjung Sepat. This would be a second time we came over. For this activity, we have 80 Chinese families and the menu has been customized for CNY with mushrooms, mandarin oranges, Drinho drinks, ground nuts and nga ku. Additional funds were collected and as usual, things got more and more and end up having a total of ten items, instead of the original five. Special thanks to the sponsors who have contributed to this event and make it a memorable one for the recipients.

Rice delivered earlier as was purchased locally



Unloading and packing

Everyone is busy unpacking

Additional drinks for the families

The usual egg story

Additional stuff from sponsors

Let the show begin!

Helping the recipients with the groceries

Kids are all excited about the ang pow!!!

Lottery ticket and biscuit lucky draw!

Angpow lucky draw

Ang pow lucky draw
Brands Chicken Essence lucky draw

We only took 1 hour to give out all the groceries and also the lucky draw! It was a fun day for everyone to see the recipients going back not empty handed. We had 2 old folks whose name didnt made it to the list due to late submission, hence we gave them cash ang pow of RM100 to them.

Special thank you to all sponsors who had contributed for both the events @Tg Sepat and Jeram. Not forgetting the volunteers who have took their weekend to join us to bring some cheers to the 160 families. I also like to thank the people who are working behind the scene to ensure things move smoothly. The recipients thought it would be a normal groceries giving event, but I guess we caught them by surprise with CNY menu and also some excitement with lucky draws and ang pow for the children. Thanks to the sponsors who have contributed for the RM100 and RM50 ang pow lucky draw. Lottery tickets were added in to give them some hope that miracles does happen - just like how we found them in the first place. Yes, sometimes miracles does happen... #HOPE

Saturday, February 21, 2015

CNY Celebration (2) at Bukit Rotan, Jeram Kuala Selangor

Our annual Chinese New Year celebration would be providing some cheers to 80 needy families and for 2015, we have 2 events this year due to additional funding. Bukit Rotan was originally planned to be in March, but due to logistics and timing, it was carried, we are doing a countdown to Tg Sepat!

We had many generous donor this round and project was met in a short time. Thanks to all sponsors who responded, as else, it would be the standard groceries... hence, I am always grateful that 'someone' is watching over all the projects to ensure things are smooth. We provided the basic groceries and additional fund was use to purchase biscuits, drinks and mandarin oranges.

We also have 2 lucky draws - Ang Pow lucky draw (RM100) x 5, and also lottery tickets x 10 and it was fun to see the excitement and reaction of the recipients. It was great to the old folks walking out to collect the lucky draw - as some in their working attire (working in the market).


Lucky draw


Repacking mandarin oranges that come in last minute

Additional fund for biscuits

Flow of groceries...

Next is eggs

Biscuits and cooking oil

Giving out the mandarin oranges

Ang pow lucky draw.. feels great to see their happy faces! TQ sponsor!

Lucky draw

I am deeply grateful and blessed as the project is completed without any hitches. Sincere thanks to all that had responded and volunteered their time to the event. Wishing all a very Happy Chinese New Year to all.

More photos here