Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feeding The Poor Program @ SJKC Ming Tee, Kg Tiram Baru

I received an offer that I cant possibly refused from Hjh Ainie, which is to sponsored 20 poor families in Kuala Selangor. The families was increased to 23, then 26 due to the school request, which we are happy to meet the request.

Two convoys, one from Kota Damansara and one from Klang departed early and knowing how good I am at getting lost, which we did. After a short detour, we manage to find the school. While waiting for the rest of the convoy to arrived, we filled the waiting time second round of breakfast. As we get ourselves comfortable in the coffee shop, we can see the laidback lifestyle. A few old people sitting under the tree having their morning gossip and we were probably the subject of discussion as we look like fish out of water, hmm.. more like Robocop entered the town. We all agreed that we should retire here... ;)

1 coffe, 1 teh si peng, 1 milo and 1 nasi lemak.. RM4.60! :) Where to get price like this?

The school sign board greeting us
I do a little bit research about the school history and found this link. A quick test of my translation skill (if there is any left!) is as below.

The school was founded by 4 local personalities -  Mrs. Cheng Siew Woon (owner of a grocery store), Mr. Tiow Hua Ngan, Mr. Kang Poh Lim and Mr Ng Song Lim (owner of a rubber plantation, oil and coffee). The thought of starting a educational center is to ensure that the local children has access to education due to the increasing number of villagers.The founders realised that with the continuation of the Chinese education will be able to maintain the tradition and culture and also to ensure the education is able to improve their daily life. Mdm Woon donated a piece of 1.2 acres land to the school. Funds were raised from the local villages and the final outcome was a 12 class room school which can accomodate 30 students each. The community collected $200 to pay for the teachers' salary and other volunteers contribute via their various expertise such as making the school furniture. The school was completed in 1939. Four teachers from China were the first batch of teachers and the first 25 students registered on the first day with another 35 on the second day. There is no age barrier for the classes and during the time, due to the Chinese culture that does not support females from studying, most of the students are males. Among the total of 60 students, only 8 are females.

The school was closed during World War II, and possibly due to the remote distance from major town, it was not ruled by the Japanese. No buildings was affected but the population was forced to help the communist for food, medication, clothes and information. After the war ended, the school reopened and parents were rushing to send their children to school for education. They realised the importance of it during the Japanese Occupation. In 1945, student registration reach 250 and it became the largest Chinese school in Kuala Selangor.

Hmm.. anyone still awake? :) Anyway, click the link above if you are interested to know more.

View from the front gate

The volunteers quickly unload the groceries and arranged it for ease of distribution.
All hands on deck!

Ladies are not spared too!

Chairs were already pre-arranged for us when we arrived

The school emblem

While waiting for the event to start, we give the children sweets and biscuits to keep them occupied. The kids are happy to receive the freebies as things like this dont come often.

Giving away laptop bags before we start, which contain pencils, eraser and 3 writing exercise books

All getting ready to be given to the recipients
Big Apple also part of the delivery. TQ Dr Azma n Roshida for bringing the taste of BA to Kuala Selangor

A grandfather that has to take care of his 5 grandchildren is part of the recipient
Toys and writing pads to be given away to the children

The recipients waiting patiently for the hand over ceremony to start
Can I have that one?
Giving the children the choice to select one toys each. The first few were a bit shy, but later just come over and take a view and we let them choose whatever they want.

One of the many recipients, thanks to our sponsors.

Shoes to be given away as well!

Clothes to be given away

Someone got a bear to hug tonight.

Tasting something they may never have tested before.

Another happy recipient

Prior to the start of the event, I managed to talked to two uncles to understand their situation. The first uncle that I talked to is 52 years old and working as manual labour in the oil palm estate. He has 3 children, aged 5, 7 and 14. The children studies are not so good and from the look of them, they are under nutrition. The second uncle I talked to is taking care of his 5 grandchildren with his wife and his Vietnam daughter-in-law has gone back home for good. His son is working in KL and both of the old couple has to take care of the children aged about 6-12. I didnt want to ask further if marrying Vietnamese is a common traits among the people there. I wonder how the younger children would grow up without someone to guide them through their teenage years. With the grocery arrangement done, I thanked the uncles and we proceed with the event.

The weeks of planning quickly come to an end within an hour after the giving ceremony start. Special thanks to Hj Ainie for giving 1M1c the opportunity to help the families. I would like to thank the following sponsors and volunteers for making this event a succesful one - Kit Wei & friends, Cyrstal Chew, Wan Lee, Dr Azma, Roshidah, Amy, Carol, Jenny and Chua.We hope to be able to sponsor more event in the future.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pusat Warga Emas, Klang Razed By Fire

Update 1/7/2013 - Wall fan and ceiling fan was installed at the new temporary home with additional wiring done, sponsored by Mdm Florence and Mr. Apu.

One of the homes that we had visited in the past, Pusat Warga Emas in Klang, was razed by fire on Friday night. Dropped by today to see the condition and it looks pretty bad and luckily no one was hurt. I checked with the neighbours and was told most of them are moved to another home at Taman Sri Andalas, but no idea where is it.

Based on the condition of the home, most likely they left without taking anything with them. I will check out to see how we can help and keep everyone posted.