Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rice Project for 160 Needy Families @Bukit Merah, Ipoh - April 2016

2016/8 - For April 2016, we work with Living Hope Global (LHG) to reach out to the 160 students from 8 Chinese primary schools. LHG's program provide school meals to the poor and needy students. 20 poor families per school are selected for this program. Each meal is budgeted at RM2 for 20 days x 20 students x 10 months, which comes about RM8k per year. The event is for the cheque presentation to the individual schools.

Our original program was to provide 5kg of rice to all the children. As this is our first time venturing a remote place, we requested from Living Hope’s coordinator, Mr Wong to help us to coordinate which was quickly done. With our generous sponsors, Chua and Leong family, we managed to top up to 10kg! :) Some teachers were surprised to see the bags of rice as its the first time rice were donated. 

The background of the family are single parent/dad/mom. Most of them are casual workers where average salary is about RM700. For Bukit Merah, there are a lot of shoe factories in that area and families are doing part time work for income. They have better income during festive seasons due to additional work while the rest of the year would be basic pay. Some families send their children to work for RM5 a day. For smaller towns are outskirt of Ipoh, so prices of things are pricey as it follow the town price. A bit tough to survive with the type of salary. With current economy situations, we know price of everything has gone up and every little dollar counts. 

As we were about to leave, we managed to talked to the one school teacher, who explained that one of her student is very happy as the rice at home just finished 2 days back. :( I think it must be hard for children to even talk about not having rice at home, coz I KNOW most of our kids wont even know if there is no more rice at home. After all, their First World problem is iPad ran out of battery! 

My appreciation to all the headmasters and teachers of the 8 schools, who have gone beyond their call of duty as educators, just to ensure the children does not go back hungry, and LHG for having this program! And not forgetting our all 1M1c sponsors (yes, all of you!), the Chua family, Leong family and Moh Marketing Sdn Bhd…and off course Sanddie Cheong​ for inviting us...TQVM.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lunch @ Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam Klang - April 2016

2016/7 - We had earlier planned lunch for the home in order to give them a change of taste. After some menu hunting, we had our menu - meatball chicken, fried cabbage, sweet sour fish and jelly. The children had a wonderful lunch today and thank you to sponsor! Not forgetting sponsors for biscuits, bread, milk powder, soya sauce and oyster sauce for their daily needs. I went over to Kembara Kitchen earlier to sneak at the cook-in-command on his cooking... Needless to say, fish and chicken meal balls are popular with the kids and volunteers... ok, we did taste a BIT only la..