Sunday, June 26, 2011

HELP Community Learning Center

For HELP Community Learning Center, as there are many many kids, one of the way to encourage them to come is getting food stuff. As the center keep growing, the demand for food is also very great. We donated 5 tins of biscuits to the center this month. For future, we are arranging for Hwa Tai to do a monthly delivery of the biscuits and we will just credit them the money.

Account details are as per BOAS entry. Total purchase RM218.70.

Email communication to confirm the RM300 donation.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, HELP Community <> wrote:
> Hi Gary,
> We can place the order and pass the bill to u, of course it would be plus or
> minus RM300, quite unlike to be exact. We thank u so much for yr generous
> contribution.
> We do not like Hwa Tai's cream cracker becoz they crack too easily. 2 weeks
> ago we went to Tesco and Gaint to buy 30 kgs (60 packets of 500gm each) of
> Julie's Cream crackers at RM2.90 per pack + 1 pack free, meaning it was only
> RM2.90 for per kg., that is less the half the normal price in bulk tins.
> With those in stock, now we need other assorted biscuits to mix with the cream
> crackers to serve the students. We shall be placing our order for assorted biscuits
> from Hwa Tai this week. I am away in Kuching now, I will ask them to deliver upon
> my return next week.
> Thank u so much.
> Blessings
> Chris
> On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 9:24 AM, Gary Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> We would like to seek your assistance to order RM300 worth biscuit for Help Community Center.
> I found it is better for you to order base on the flavor and quantity since you know your stock best. We just need to have the receipt and the photo for our audit and reporting.
> Do let me know whether this arrangement is ok for you and when can i pay to you.
> Thanks & Regards
> Gary Lee KH

Monday, June 20, 2011

Visit to BOAS Home (Drug Rehabilitation Center)

Due to last minute changes, I selected BOAS Home for June's visit. After searching high and low, managed to find the place as was not familiar with the place. I did an onsite visit few days before today. We purchased the normal groceries and the only thing they specially request was bathing soap.. ;)

The home has been established for 14 years, with the last 8 years at the current location. The place is registered with Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan, which only accept non-Muslim drug addicts for rehabilitation. Currently, the place is accommodating 68 tenants under the rehabilitation program. Some of the tenants are admitted by the families, while there are those who join the center voluntary.  Pastor Nathan do go to places in town to find if anyone wants to join the rehab. The place is rented at RM1800 a month, and gets its funding from church and some from the addicts family.

The rehabilitation plan is a 2 years program to help the addicts to start with a new live. Daily schedule requires the tenants to be up by 5:25am, with 30 minutes to prepare themselves for morning class. Rules are strictly enforced here to ensure that they are well behaved and discipline. The successfulness of the program can be seen with 2 of the graduates are pastor now.

Dining Hall


Chapel used in daily class

For those that break the rules, their names will be recorded and after 3 times, they will be discipline ~ by writing verses or no movies (sound like school days?). Over the weekend, schedules are more relax for visitors from 2pm-4pm.

Pastor Nathan gave us a talk on the types of drugs, effects and rehabilitation experience each addicts have to go through. Most of us have heard how dangerous drugs are, but I think this is a first hand information / knowledge sharing for everyone of us. After the talk, he took us around to show us the home. Was a pretty interesting place as I dont think I seen goats anywhere in Klang Valley..yes.. goats! :) yes, they rear their own fish...

Goats too... ! 20 of them!

View from the back of the home

A piece of land beside the home which they have grow their own vegetables

Hens & rooster too!

Goats cage..powered by Proton! :) 

Barber shop
Interview with Pastor Nathan by Sin Chew

Our deliveries for this month below, and donated 3 cartons of soft drinks for next week's charity bazaar.

Appeal letter for next week's charity bazaar :-

Our expenses this month :-

Account Details :-

Our visit took almost informative 2 hours, ended with advice from Pastor Nathan - "Say No to Drugs!" .. dont even try, dont even think about it....