Friday, March 25, 2016

Kids Outing Day @ Mollyland in IOI City Mall - March 2016

2016/6 - We had a RM1000 voucher sponsored by Joey Tan and friends and asked to bring a home to IOI City Resort’s Mollyland. We selected Lagenda home and basically the kids (and some volunteers too) literally went wild as it was their first time to arcade centre and really enjoy the time there. Looking at the kids' face, you know if will stay over if was a tough time getting them out when we want to call it a day! TQ volunteers for helping out.

You know, happiness is all that matters that day.. looking at the volunteers jumping around, I mean, the kids enjoying themselves just make us so happy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Groceries For Needies - March 2016

2016/5 - For 2016 March grocery for needy families distribution, we delivered to 7 families across Klang - Bkt Tinggi, Teluk Pulai and Port Klang. Additional items such as oat meal and adult diapers is given to the old folks. 
Most of our recipients are cleaners and one has lost her job as employer has hired permanent maid, it is really tough for them to keep up with the expenses. For the hardcore poor family, I asked for their TNB bill and help partial TNB bill for 3 families. TQ to volunteers and sponsors for helping out!