Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grocery for the Needies @Sabak Bernam - July 2017

July 2017 bring us back to Sabak Bernam for the third time, with the first being Sept 2013 and then June 2015. However, we serve a different community this round. We had a 7 cars convoy loaded with goodies for the community, and thanks to generous sponsors, each families gets about 15 items apart from the total items. Location of the event is at En. Dollar's ancestor home, a very nice rumah kampung. Special thanks to En Dollah, Dr Azma Abd Hamid, Roshidah Abdul A'ala for helping us to link up with the community. As usual, looking forward for next event!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lunch @ Pusat Warga Emas, Klang - July 2017

Our event today is to provide lunch and company to the old folks at the home. Thank you to all the volunteers who came and spend time chatting with them. We spend almost 2 hours with them, serving food and chatting with them. Provide a special vinegar pork for the folks as we know they sure do not get it in their daily meal. The care taker has been sick and her son is helping out to ensure daily operations are not affected e.g. food and medication. He has 2 old folks who don't have paper identification and no information on next of kin. If you know anyone of them, please help to contact the home. Many thanks to volunteers for the time and sponsors for today's event.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Groceries for the Needies @Kajang - June 2017

Our Ramadhan Grocery for the Needy 2017 program for 86 families went smoothly. Location were held at Restoran Sri Tanjung, Sg Jelok, Kajang. TQ to restaurant owner for letting us have the space. Upon arrival, the excited crowd has already waiting much earlier. A few helping hands and quick unload help us to speed up the preparation for distribution. We had a lot of additional items sponsored at the last minute, and we very happy that they get more than what we can give. Each of the families also get duit raya!
TQ Dr Azma, Roshidah, Cik Saad Hanisah and Cik Linda who were working behind the scene to identify the list of needy families, also not forgetting volunteers and donors! 
See you soon in next project..