Thursday, May 22, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - May 2014

Our monthly groceries for the needies, 1M1c sponsored Dr Azma's Projek Ringan Beban for 10 families in need. The families are all located in Klang and one in Puchong. Needless to say, the same modus operandi for every activity - prepurchase a day earlier and pack before the day. For this month, it started very early - 5th of the month, compared to Tony's month end.

The journey bring us to "new" places in Klang that I myself wont go in normal days.. but I guess, its normal for me nowadays.. ;) Our delivery date was 4th May 2014, Sunday 1000am...and I will let the picture tell the story...

Ready to go!

1st family - 7 kids.. parents doing odd jobs

2nd - family - father passed away, mother is working as petrol attendant nearby, 6 children.

3rd family - 6 children, with 1 with medical condition. Rental here is not cheap either. RM350!

4th family - 6 children in the family, eldest sitting SPM this year.

5th family - old granny with grandson. The grandson cant do heavy work due to accident. She has 3 daughters and 1 son, all who have their own family to attend to.

Bandar Suleiman, Port Klang.. low cost but rental can reach RM350-450!
Dr Azma/Roshidah has applied low cost housing for her, and currently waiting for approval.

Kg Samy, Port Klang

7th family - old granny with one grandchild. The house is on private land

The condition of the house inside

8th family - single mom with 3 kids, eldest just finish SPM, working in McD.

9th family - an old couple at Bkt Kuda Klang.

Monthly medication is expensive for him..

10th home - the second last home. Rumah Safiyyah.

Saying Thank You in multiple language..

A picture worth a thousand words!:)

Queuing up for sweets after lunch

Special thanks to Anonymous Donor who sponsored this month's activity, and also all volunteers who have join and "meringankan beban tangan saya"! :) See you next month!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Day in HELP Community Learning Center

HELP Community Learning Center
20-2, Jln Prime, Kepong Metro Prima, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Founder - Mr Chris Jong 012-8730380

Segment- Refugee center with 70 kids from Myanmar and Pakistan age from 5-15 years old

Along the years, we have visited HELP once awhile, and we had our first Christmas party there. For this round, its a revisit and see how things are getting along there. Based on our conversation with Chris, the following are the items they need:-

1) Two 42" LCD TV for online conferencing study, any brand.
This TV will be placed into their computer lab, linked into UNHCR online education portal. The TV are to display the online education program as part of the teaching program for the kids here.

2) Consumables Items
a.    Biscuits (various types) @ 35 kgs a month                                                        
b.    Exercise books (various types) 40 books a month                           
c.    White board markers (with refill) Pilot Board Master Blue/Black, refills. 

1M1c KL Chapter decided to hosted a get together luncheon with the kids to cheer them up. Our belated founder Lai Chin Lun's family supposed to join us, but regretfully to hear that they were unable to make it. We ordered fried mee, beehoon, roasted chicken and pork for the kids and the teachers here .... Can consider teacher's day celebration..haha...

Photos? Do check our 1month1charity Facebook.....

Special THANKS to the following sponsors
1. Ms Yow Hui Hui on the exercise books

2. Fried beehoon aunty in kepong baru wet market for special discount fried beehoon and yet sponsoring biscuit 60 packs

3. Roasted chicken leng lui at kepong wet market for discounted roasted chicken.

4. Roasted pork uncle for additional meat.

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