Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kuantan Flood Relief 2013

With heavy rain and flood in the East Coast, many areas are affected and they need a lot of help in terms of basic necessities. We did a collection for them and work with the team from We Love, We Care, We Share in this project. Knowing Malaysians, we are never short of being kind to lend a helping hand - a total of RM6370 was collected to fund for this project! Thank you to all donors and supporters who have contributed to the project. Credits to Stop Hunger Now, Reach Out Malaysia and individual donors who have generously contributed time and effort.

We took about 2 weeks to get everything in place - from donations to logistics. Many thanks to all the anonymous supporters who work behind to ensure all things fall into place on D-Day! We pick up the items on Thursday 19th Dec 2013 in preparation for delivery on the Friday, 20th Dec 2013.

Thanks to Rosnah who have provide the much needed assistance for us to just show face, pay and pick up. All done within 45 minutes! TQ NSK Selayang for speeding things up for us as well! We pick up the items a day before and send to warehouse

Thanks to Antonio for arranging the warehouse for the usage of this project, as without it, I am not sure where are we going to store all the stuff! Life saver!
Loading the items into the lorry.. no easy task!

Not playing Lego here.. its real hard work arranging and rearranging!
This go in last.. first.. no, last.. arghh!!!

And there is more to go...
 Once loaded, we proceed to Ivan's place to load the other half. Departed KL at 11am, had lunch and repair a punctured tyre in Karak.. reach Kuantan at 5pm.

Finally, the lorry arrived at 5pm.....

And how we turn a beautiful house to a warehouse....
So much items and we ran out of place in the house!

Stop Hunger Now Rice Pack - TQ SHN

No interior designer required.. haha...

The following was sent by Reza the next day. The items delivered were repackaged and given to the needy families.

Food items at repackaging site

Ready for transfer to another needy village

Repackaged and ready to go

The following is the financials for the project :-

1. Total Collected = RM6370
2. Total Expenses

NSK Groceries = RM1417.36
18 x Cooking Oil @ RM6.25 = RM112.50
10 x Cooking Oil @ RM6.25 = RM62.50
20 x Cooking Oil @ RM6.25 = RM125.00
Transport = RM600
Spritzer Mineral Water = RM1700

3. Total Expenses = RM4017.36
4. Balance = RM2353.64

As at now, the weather condition is still not stable and East Coast may faced a second wave of flood. The balance will be used for it if require, else will be used for other 1M1c activities.

For Spritzer mineral water, the payment will be made in KL, and Reza will pick it up from the distributor's warehouse in Kuantan. Thanks to Jenny for arranging this. We are getting 100 cartons + 100 cartons (free) of Cactus NMW 500ml for RM17 per cartoon.

Many thanks to the following donors for generously contributed to this relief project - Kate Chen & friends, Jolene & friends, CP Teh & friends, Sally Pany, Julie Ching, Hazrina Hassan, Pua Chiu Leng, Esra Loo, Cheng Shea Li, Annie Hon, Jen C, Lilian, Wilson and Jane. There also donors who have contacted me for groceries donation which I am unable to pick it up due to time constraints. My apologizes for that. And not forgetting Beary, Melvin, Mel Jnr and Kate for going down to Kuantan to ensure we have enough man-power! :)  And with this project, it concludes the last project for 2013.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Back To School 2014 - PPR Kota Damansara

With year end coming, the usual Back To School Program is becoming the norm for all NGOs to help the community and 1M1c is not different. Background work start 2 months earlier with volunteers recee the needy community. Upon confirmation of location and number of students, the usual things fall into place - create FB event and fund raising. I was a bit skeptical if we can really pull this off, but I guess things will fall in place when the time comes. Just do it and dont worry. Needless to say, the support is just GREAT and by reading this entry, you know we have 50 families that do not need to worry about their children's school expenses. My sincere appreciation to all the sponsors and volunteers who have made this event possible. Each children received 2 uniforms, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks, and 1 school bag - courtesy from Dr Azma and Roshida. Thank you ladies...;)

We met up Kota Damansara toll to convoy to location, as normally PPR access is a bit hard to find. Nevertheless, we had everyone arriving in time... and even had a chance to do a lucky draw at the toll booth (yeah.. things you do at toll both..!). Special thanks to Jenny for arranging this. The lucky draw presents are item used by the homeless people, and I wont disclosed the first prize of the lucky draw...

Lucky draw! woo hoo..

Recipients getting ready for the start of ceremony
Getting ready for the games!
Organising the games
How many strands of hair do I have...?

Know their name game.

Japanese grass hair cut

Apa nama dik?
Cant remember what was it, but glad everyone had a good laugh.
Find the difference

Listen to instruction....
Boss leading the way....
Transfer rubberband game..
Self created game...baling aje!

Balancing the cup with full of water

Heading to the finishing line....
Brief introduction on the event to recipients
Handing over the uniforms to the recipients

Not sure who is happier.. ;)

Taking turns to give the uniforms and bags
Most Favourite Rocker Recipient of all...
Everyone seems to have their favourite recipient? :P
Another happy recipient..or giver? :)
Giving gifts to the winners
Lights, Action... Camera...!
The happy recipients and volunteers

I would like to express my appreciation to the all the donors, volunteer that has been working with us to ensure this event (and many other events) are succesfully completed, with everyone feeling awesome about it. The amount of background work done are not reflected here and does no justice to those who have contributed their money, time and effort in ensuring the program is completely successful. Special thanks to all donors who have donated for this project and today, we have 50 students going to school and hoping to make a better future for themselves! 

For more photos, please click here.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Groceries for the Needies with Reach Out KL (Deepavali Special) - Nov 2013

For November groceries for the needies, we have Reach Out Malaysia (Wednesday team) to sponsor the event. For once, Tony and myself were excused from purchasing and carrying the groceries.. phew! Groceries were pre-purchased in Selayang, packed and delivered to Klang on the hot Sunday afternoon. We congregate at Hokkien Association Klang, waiting for volunteers to arrived. With a large convoy, we car pooled to ensure we wont get lost.. which we did anyway.. :P

Special thanks to ROM Wed Team for planning everything - from purchasing to packing and arranging the transport for the delivery.

TQ for the 3 ton lorry ~ else...

The groceries to be given to each of the home. For this month's Deepavali special, we have food worth RM200 ~ double the amoutn from our monthly amount. TQ to all sponsors.

With a 3 ton lorry, we can carry anything, anyone..anywhere.. :P

Arriving at our first home, we waste no time unloading the groceries.

Er.. how many people do you need to change the light bulb... 

Groceries for the month

Aunty was surprised that there is so much grocery this month and was thankful for the additional groceries given. She collect cardboards and recyclables for cash

2nd home, located nearby, has been Tony's regular recipient, had stage 4 cancer, which we have visited previously.

Tony explained the family background to the team.
Free plate given for the purchases....

3rd family - almost left the home, but manage to catch when she was heading back to the home. Husband passed away due to heart attack, leaving 2 children.
We spare no one when comes to work.. !

Our volunteers playing with the children...

Groceries delivered

4th family - used to be a very good mechanic, but due to stroke, unable to work anymore, which we also visited previous months.

Our very own Chicken Delivery boy! So excited and enthusiastic about doing his job!

5th family - also previously visited, the DJ that was involved in an accident, which has gone for operation.

6th family -which Tony has sponsored for 7 years (I think) which will stop since the family is doing well.

7th family - single mom with 3 kids. Tony had been helping them for about 4 months. Noticed the dog was missing since our last visit.

8th family - sorry as no photos was taken.. missed out the photos..
9th family - mom is blinded by parents when young, has 3 kids, husband passed away in jail. She recently moved to a new place.

The last home -father is a lorry driver, wife is a housewife. They have 5 children where 2 eldest are in a home/church.
TQ guys.. all the way from KL to make this event happen! :)

List of items provided

I would like to thank the sponsors for the generous contribution to make this month's grocery double the normal size ;) . Thank you Joyce Low, Shahri Sultan, Mrs Letchumy Balan, Dr Mahendra, Shreeram Nadarajah and not forgetting our 1M1c sponsors. Thank you all for making a difference.