Saturday, July 23, 2016

Raya Groceries Program (PPR Kg Muhibbah Puchong) - July 2016

2016/11 - We came here in 2013 and this would be our second visit.  It would have been another event, nothing new for the team. But as Murphy’s Law says, if things are going to go wrong, it will. So our adventure begin in the morning, started with the lorry arriving late, loading take sometime and as we ready to leave Klang, we were told that the tyre has punctured!

So, we were stuck in Klang, while the rest of team at location. Clock is ticking and we called up backup lorry to help out while first lorry was trying to fix the tyre. Meanwhile, at a balai raya far far away, the team decided to inform the recipients that the group will disperse and come back in the evening to pick up the groceries, which lucky there were stuff being transported by volunteers.

We waited quiet a while before we were told the lorry got stopped by highway police. After all the mess had been sorted out, unloading and loading of 80 bags of rice (actually 160 bags!) to second lorry was a breeze and we depart for location. 

Finally, we arrived at location 3 hours late.. and unload the rice and eggs to the centre, for 5pm distribution. Many thanks to all the volunteers who man the fort while waiting for lorry to arrived. See you in our next event!

80 bags in lorry 1... 
Happening la!!!! Tyre burst! Too heavy and I am not even in the lorry!

Back to back transfer.. 80x2 = 160 bags of rice again! 
Meanwhile... at the PPR....

The anxious crowd....

Additional items that was sponsored and grateful that at least the recipients get something


Arrival at the PPR

Volunteers @Work

Yeah..all unloaded