Saturday, September 20, 2014

Groceries for Orang Asli in Kampung Sg Tiang, Gerik - Sept 2014

For September's project, we sponsored 52 Orang Asli families, located at Sg. Tiang, Gerik. After the usual fund raising, the big day arrived. For this trip, we have a team of 16 volunteers. We were required to registered prior to event as name list needs to be submitted to the army post before going into the Orang Asli settlement. As the direct journey from Kl will take 4 hours, we decide to make it a 2 day trip.

We departed from KL for a 2 hours journey to Ipoh with a convoy of 5 cars, and purchased all the groceries in Tesco Ipoh before proceed to Gerik to send the 52 packs of 10kg rice and 52 trays of eggs to the jetty. It took us another 2 hours to reach the jetty, and unloading took awhile as bringing down the rice to the jetty is no easy walk. Once the major hurdles are cleared, we travel back to Ipoh for the night. Special thanks to Dr Azma and Roshidah for the trip arrangement and logistics.

Crazy people buying in bulk .... !

Loaded and ready to go

Heading in to jetty

Yeah.. finally arrived!

Arriving at the jetty

Boat for rent.. bring you around to fish

Long way down

Loading the rice to the boat

On our way back, we saw a giant big as an elephant!

The next day... yeah... heading in.. "business class"

Our "cargo" boat ...

Arriving at the settlement

All excited....

Revisiting the previous trip...

Arrived yesterday

Packing the items...
Packed and ready to be distributed

Ice breaking..

Giving out the groceries

Dr Azma reading out the recipients' name

The village

Thank you to all the sponsors who have contributed and volunteers who have made the trip. It was a memorable experience for all and we hope we will be able to make more of these projects. See you in our next event...

For more photos, check it out here.