Friday, August 2, 2013

Groceries For The Needies - July 2013

For July's groceries distribution, we covered Taman Sentosa, Klang. As usual, all items are pre-purchased so that it can be pre-packed. The groceries item consist of 10kg rice (15kg if the family is big), mee hoon, 1 tray of eggs, cooking oil, biscuits, sardines and choco malt. I was joined by Carol, Amy, Edwina, Melvin and Jenny.This month's grocery is sponsored by Poh Chye, Darren Gan and KimPiau Chua. Thank you gentlemen!

Loaded the van with the groceries

Our first recipient, staying at low cost apartment. Currently, renting the place from Tony's friend and moving out soon. She has a special child.

Welcoming our team

Relatives was visiting them so the home was bit crowded. Noticed the lack of even sofa on the hall
Second home - the DJ that was involved in accident still has not gone for operation due to fluid in his head. Tony will follow up with the hospital

The next home which we visited previously, the mechanic that has stroke and has been unable to work.

Tony has been supporting this home for 7 years. The mother used to sell flowers and the income was menial. Upon Tony's encouragement, she change job to security for better income.

He was only a boy when Tony helped the family. 7 years is a long time to help a person and seeing the results now is just fabulous.

Stock check!

Many hands makes the task easier!

This home is just recently supported by Tony for about 3-4 month ago.

We have to transit at Tzu Chi to find out a recipient where they have found a place for her to stay. This recipient is the one eye blind mother. Lucky the home was nearby

Unloading the groceries

Phew.. first floor only...
No lights at the stair case
The apartment is small, rented at RM400 which is shared btw 2 families. A much cleaner place from the previous home

The last family

The balance of the distribution was left for Tony to distribute. Thank you to all volunteers and donors who have contributed for this event. I am looking forward for more volunteer participation in future events.

Syawal Feeding at Kg Samy, Port Klang

With the distribution of the 100 pax of groceries to the homes, we have a balance of 50 pax. The balance was distributed to 5 homes in Kampung Samy at Port Klang and 2 homes were represented by Ustazah Zetty on their behalf . The rest was delivered to Rumah Amal Suci Rohani at Tman Tun Dr Ismail.

For those in Kg Samy

Clothes for distribution

Ustazah Zety receiving on behalf of 2 homes
Thank you to all our donors who have contributed for this program, who have been the back bone of the project. Thank you! :)