Sunday, September 29, 2013

Visit to Myanmar Refugee Children's Home, United Learning Center at Jln Imbi

The plan to visit the home was done a month earlier to ensure we have sufficient time for fund raising. The usual requirements of groceries stands with additional tables for the children. Thanks to Jenny for linking up Domino Pizza Malaysia, 40 pizzas were sponsored for the event. We are very grateful for donors and sponsors who have contributed rice cooker, tables, cup cakes, goody bags, doughnuts, stationaries, toys and even a PC! Also volunteers to spent their Sunday here with the kids. On behalf of the home, I thank you all for your generosity.

Pre-purchased the groceries and the electric rice cooker a day before and delivered to the home

Great hands helping out

Arranging the stuff. Note the tables are the background

And we are READY! :)
The above items were delivered pre-event.

And the next day, all of us got lost getting there... even myself! I actually missed most of the happenings as I was on the phone most of the time guiding the volunteers to the location. But no worries, all activities at the home were taken care of by my trusted camera man and I am very sure I didnt miss much! :)

Nice photo Beary! :)

Arrival of Domino Pizzas.. TQ ladies

The biggest kid of all ~ Whitney Houston

Roshida/Azma and Domino Pizza team

Only food will bring them in....

Oh no..... KIDS!!!!!!

Cutting the pizza for ease of distribution

Getting ready for the big feast!

The Locomotive - Kylie Minogue

Kids were excited... so were we! :P

No crowd control required as the kids queue up automatically

Cut to be serve easily...

Happy faces! :)

Serving the kids

The Domino Pizza ladies serving the kids

Everyone has a piece of it....

Enjoying the meal in the hall

Meanwhile, in the wild wild west.... Superman also helping organising the groceries...

Pizza time!

Items donated by various groups and individuals! Thank you all.

Doughnuts... which is seldom seen by the kids. Heard it was as quick as it came..coz I never saw it till I upload these photos!
Too many choices!

The colourfulness tends to attract the kids and it was quickly snapped up

Kids singing songs with a new guitar donated

Joining in the games!

A simple toy that gave a priceless photo.

Queuing for the toys

The second most popular queue beside the food queue....

Its true

Also true...but doesnt seems to apply to Bill Gates? :P

Toys from Heart : Charity Begins From the Heart team. TQ ladies for putting the smiles on the kids' face.

Superman supervising the distribution....

Children having fun choosing their toys

And this is how the war started.....

Pastor Jonathan brief the volunteers on the home's objectives
After weeks of preparation, it ends with happy faces from the kids and volunteers and I believe everyone had a good time. I would like to thank all donors on the home's behalf for bringing joy and fun to them.