Monday, September 9, 2013

Groceries For the Needies - August 2013

Its August 2013 and our 8th month providing groceries to the needies. Started initially as a small pilot project for 3 months lasted longer than I expected as I wasnt sure where the funds would be coming from, but I guess Malaysians are a charitable lot and miracles does happen! Financial support and volunteers comes from all over Malaysia (Melaka, Johor, KL) and it is much appreciated as we are able to help the needies even though its only ten families, but for each of the families, it means their food on the table is taken care off for the month. Just for your info, Tony himself covers almost 120 families and 1M1c is just doing our little bit to assist him.

We delivered to 15 families this month as Tony is going for his cataract operation, hence we try to help him to deliver more. This month's delivery was attended by volunteers Azma, Roshidah, Melvin, Tibol and Lawrence. Thanks guys!

The usual groceries for the needies

The first home at Tmn Sentosa, as single mom with one son who is sitting for SPM

Jen getting some information on the family

Tibol passing cash from Tony to the mom.

The mom collect scraps to pay for the son's tuition fee.

Single mom with 4 kids. Elderly mom is staying in as well.

The nexxt home, the father is a van driver, mom is house wife. 3 schooling children and living in a rented apartment.

Rental is RM380 a month. Slightly expensive for an area like this.

Tony started with them recently and this is their fourth month on the needy list. Single mom with 3 kids.

Check point.. .15 minus 3 is... er.... wait...

The single mom with 1 eye blinded by her mom
Mom being briefed on how to cook the Stop Hunger Now rice

Learning how to cook the SHN rice

Its true, there are more crazy ppl OUTSIDE Tg Rambutan than inside. Suddenly all of them show me their foot, what you expect me to do except quickly snap photo la!

Ensure the eggs are not fried due to Malaysia Summer sun!

Another family supported by Tony - husband died of cancer and single mom with 3 children.

 The home of the DJ that was involved in accident, and has been waiting for operation

Giving words of encouragement to the mom. Sad to hear that she still has to do physio-therapy to her son even she is tired.

The next family just moved 2 houses away. 5 children with 2 older kids are sent to a home.

Long and spacious.. before the furnitures comes!
Someone is watching

Single mom with 3 kids, one is a special need child.

A long day to much eggs!

Recently added to the list. Lady has illness and asked Tony to help her.

The List that makes a difference in their lives, thanks to Tony

Trying to con the chicken into the van.... *evil thoughts*..
Deliverying to the home for the Mechanic that suffers stroke...

The more the merrier! Thanks guys! :)

Was standing on top of the van, trying my luck with the mangoes!!!

Not around, so we left it with the neighbour
I would like to thank all the volunteers for braving the hot sun and helped Tony to distribute the groceries to the needies. And special thanks to all donors who have been supporting 1M1c projects as without your funding and support you have given to us, all of this would not have happen. Again, my appreciation for your support! As Dalai Lama once said - If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. See you next month in our next event!

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