Thursday, September 19, 2013

Groceries For the Needies - Sabak Bernam, Sept 2013

The event was planned after Hari Raya with total of 50 needy families located in Sabak Bernam that has been identified earlier. An appeal for fund was raised via Facebook and we reached the target within a short time. All items were purchased and pre-packed prior to the event, and logistics were a concern due to the large amount of items but was resolved with the van from Reach Out. On the morning of 14th September 2013, we embarked on another journey to help the needies. And I always grateful to have friends and supporters who have make this journey a succesful one, and this one is no different.

Meet up point in front of IPD Kuala Selangor.. easiest check point to be identified ;)

Green green grass of home...a long but smooth 2 hours drive to be taught "pokok padi"... you learn new things everyday..!


Almost 2 hours of drive and we finally arrived...

Or I thought we had arrived..... another 5-10 minutes drive in...
Unloading when we arrived...No one is spared.. ;) Kerja! Kerja! Kerja!

Villagers were great in giving us a hand...

The villagers were listening to the speeches when we arrived and we waste no time unloading under the scroching sun

Meanwhile, in the other corner, the female village chief was giving a speech....

The event was also attended by the YB Kamarol Zaki

The families waited patiently while the speech is going on. Not sure what happen to the men...

Acara dimulakan dengan nyanyian Cooking SHN Rice My Way....

Great help from the villagers... Man-power redefined!

SHN Rice

Roses among the groceries.. :P

SHN rice are packed in bag of 8 for 50 families.
50 groceries pack and loaves of bread awaiting the recipients while the speech is on going... and going.. and going... :P
YB presenting the groceries

Autograph session... hehe...
Phew.. all satisfied after all groceries are arranged...!

Calling out the recipints...

Not sure who is happier...but we are glad we were able to help ease their burden for this month
Balance of 4 that didnt come, leave it for Village Chief to give to the homes

Post event.. mingling around...

The new transporter....

Putting the groceries aside while waiting for their transport

Transporter is here!

Token of Appreciation from the village and also a Certificate of Appreciation to 1M1c. Thanks to all for making this project a success!
Thank you!

My heartiest appreciation to Dr Azma/Roshida who gave us an opportunity to help the needy families, and not forgetting all sponsors, donors and contributors who have donated cash and kind, resources and time as without your tremendous support, we will not be able to do activities like this. The responds and contribution were quick, generous and come from places that I never thought of. For that, I thank you on behalf of the recipients for giving them a breather for this month. Thank you to all volunteers who have attended and the support. As Dr Azma highlighted in her speech, our little contribution cant help them in the long run, but to ease their burden for this month, as we do not want them to create a dependency on NGOs. Again, thank you to all for raising the fund which we only used partial that was raised (RM2281). The balance will be used for next month's project for 60 needy families.

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