Monday, May 24, 2010

Rumah Charis @ OUG

Rumah Charis consist of 2 old folk home (male and female), an kids home, and another old folks home in Penang. This home is located near to OUG.

For more info please visit their website: Rumah Charis

It is our first time to here, none of us know the way. We purely depend on GPS. Luckily the GPS work perfectly this time. We reach at local hypermarket and noticed that the price is not as good as compare to those hypermarket outside. After done with shopping we proceed to the home.

We went to the Old Folks home first as per requested by their guardian. Somehow, GPS brought us to Kids Home.

Charis Kids Home
It is a double story bungalow. We were greeted by a granny and a veteran uncle.

Note: Our small contributions for the Kids Home

After unloading the groceries, granny bring us around the place and show us around.

Note : This is their computer room

I think this should be the recreation room. They have 2 organ there.

They have their own playground, 2 treadmill and a massaging chair. The home is really well maintained.

Since it is Sunday, most of the kids went to church except for non-christian kids. They have tendered the land, and now paying housing loan around $7k per month. The total cost of the banglow is around $1.6Mil.

Charis Old Folks Home
It is just 5 min drive from Kids Home, but this time the GPS gave way...but with the granny's help, we manage to arrive.

Note : Our small contribution
We were greeted by the grannies as it was the female home. When Rumah Charis was established, they started with this old folks home. Those granny were friendly and sociable. They tell us a lot of thing like how it started, how it operate, etc.

A granny even show us around inside the house. There are 2 house connected, front(female) and back(male). This home is a very typical house, not as luxury like what we have seen in the Kids home. They told us, sometimes if the kids is naughty, they will be send to stay with the old folk for weeks. Actually not too bad, coz the old folk like kids.

One thing good about this home is the resident have total freedom to choose for their religion. This home is not funded by any religion. But I heard it was establish by a rich man.

Bad thing about this home is it only have 1 race, Chinese. They have a good management and their stock is good (I can see they have a lot of stocks in their store room)

We enjoyed the moment talking to the granny. Again most of the resident went to church, so those left are non-christian.

Below is our collection breakdown for May 2010.
Total Donor: 27
Donation: $1350
Tara Bhavan: $240
Warga Emas: $600
Rumah Charis: $510

Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd visit to Persatuan Warga Emas

We came here last month. For this round, we allocated 50% of our budget (RM600) for this trip

Note : The list of food items we donated this round. Take note the battery below is not part of the donation, just happen to be there.

We collected a total of $1350 with 27 donor and below is the item spent:-
Total spend $600.43

After our first visit, my perception of the place changed. My initial perception was those resident were just hiding there, to get free shelter and free food. However, in reality it is not. I was touch by the owner of the home and her family who keen on running the home on their own expense. I just want to help the home owner. When we reach to the home this time, I requested to visit inside. Our first visit, we only talk at the porch.

As I walk in, I can smell the smell of urine. The home is not big, some need to sleep on the living room, and we noticed there are ample of mattress stacking up. I guess its when there are too many people around, everyone can just take the mattress and bunk in. I can only imagine at this hot weather, how would these people sleep at night.

A left hand room with 2 old folk taking nap. 2 different race can live together under the same room. Both of them are just lying there, waiting for their time...

In the living room, an old Indian granny was lying there. The guardian told us that she has not been eating for few days. They just feed the granny with water and oat. Guardian told me granny is actually waiting for her time. Its painful to see this when you know something is coming, but helpless and can't do anything.

At the extended porch, there was an old man who had his legs amputated sitting there with his back facing us. He was actually sitting on his bed, located there. If the weather is hot, he will be roasted. If it is raining, he will get wet. The place is small and not enough place so they have to comply.

Note: Chief Photographer Officer finally got the camera dates right!

The above is the tenant list which consist occupants from both sexes and 3 races. I guess this is 1Malaysia that it is not seen where all of them live together peacefully. I planned to get a wheel chair the next time, hopefully for their mobility. But will check with them first.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Price Comparison

I remember this site was launch for price comparison for Msian for smart buyer. Here you can compare price from all the supermarket and get the best deal. We tried compare the price, but after some considerations, it just impossible to run 3-4 places just to get cheaper price. In terms of time, traveling cost, it may not make sense for us to run multiple sites.

However, I think if you have the time to check out all the prices, it should come to good use. But I am not aware if the prices are updated or not, so use at your own risk.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tara Bhavan (again)

On our last visit to Tara Bhavan, 1 of the guardian told me, they really need to washing machine. I just say I try to spread the words.

On 22/Apr/2010, I posted this on my FB - Who wish to donate a workable washing machine to charity, please contact me. I will arrange for the pickup.

Somewhere in May, my friend contacted me. Her deceased grandpa have a quite new washing machine. Since it is for charity, her dad give us a really irresistible offer - $200. A brand new will cost $799. Too bad the washing machine is at her uncle house, and he hardly at home and not contactable. And my friend insisted to test it to make sure it is workable before sending to the home.

On 8/May/2010, at night time Mr Cheong (my friend's dad), he goto his brother (my friend's uncle) house again. Waited long time for him to show up.

At 11:30pm - I still didn't hear anything from my friend, I already inform everyone to change plan to Klang old folk.
At 12:00am - Miracle happened! My friend contacted me. Say that the washing machine is fully workable and can collect by next day.

Early next morning, I called Tara Bhavan to arrange for transport and inform my donor about the change in plan. Today (9/May/2010) Tara Bhavan have an event to celebrate mother's day. They are free after 1.30pm onward. Due to the last minutes notice, many of my donor cannot make it this time as they need to celebrate Mother's day too.

I would like to apologize to all my donor about all the changes in the plan, as I try to maximize all your donation to do more charities and fix a date where most of the donor can participate.

This month we have overwhelming response from public, where we have more than 25 donors. We will plan for 2 more charity on 16/May and 23/May.

Below is the expenses for Tara Bhavan

Washing Machine$200
Petrol money for van driver$40

After installed the washing machine, I say good bye to the guardian. She put her palm together like the picture below and greet me back with a bow. Gosh! I m just a small chip, she don't need to give me such a high praise. I told her the washing machine is coming from my donors not only me alone. That why I want all donors to go and experience it.

The Washing Machine