Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd visit to Persatuan Warga Emas

We came here last month. For this round, we allocated 50% of our budget (RM600) for this trip

Note : The list of food items we donated this round. Take note the battery below is not part of the donation, just happen to be there.

We collected a total of $1350 with 27 donor and below is the item spent:-
Total spend $600.43

After our first visit, my perception of the place changed. My initial perception was those resident were just hiding there, to get free shelter and free food. However, in reality it is not. I was touch by the owner of the home and her family who keen on running the home on their own expense. I just want to help the home owner. When we reach to the home this time, I requested to visit inside. Our first visit, we only talk at the porch.

As I walk in, I can smell the smell of urine. The home is not big, some need to sleep on the living room, and we noticed there are ample of mattress stacking up. I guess its when there are too many people around, everyone can just take the mattress and bunk in. I can only imagine at this hot weather, how would these people sleep at night.

A left hand room with 2 old folk taking nap. 2 different race can live together under the same room. Both of them are just lying there, waiting for their time...

In the living room, an old Indian granny was lying there. The guardian told us that she has not been eating for few days. They just feed the granny with water and oat. Guardian told me granny is actually waiting for her time. Its painful to see this when you know something is coming, but helpless and can't do anything.

At the extended porch, there was an old man who had his legs amputated sitting there with his back facing us. He was actually sitting on his bed, located there. If the weather is hot, he will be roasted. If it is raining, he will get wet. The place is small and not enough place so they have to comply.

Note: Chief Photographer Officer finally got the camera dates right!

The above is the tenant list which consist occupants from both sexes and 3 races. I guess this is 1Malaysia that it is not seen where all of them live together peacefully. I planned to get a wheel chair the next time, hopefully for their mobility. But will check with them first.

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