Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sponsorship To Other NGOs

In support of other charity NGO's, 1M1C do sponsor items in needs. For Sept 2012, we have sponsored to Project MADE's Tabung Ubat List and also charity event organised by the volunteers from "We Love, We Care, We Share".

Items donated to Project MADE's Tabung Ubat List

Fives of everything...

To the organisers of the events, you guys did great stuff and hope our small contribution will make a small difference in this big big world. Thank you to all donors for making this sponsorship possible, as without your donation, the recipients would not have benefited from the events organised by our sister NGOs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

St Barnabas Home, Klang

For this month activity, it was planned quiet late due to work commitments. But glad that it was done on the last day of the month ~which is Merdeka Day! I contacted the care taker, George during the Raya holidays to identify things that they need and had a full 30 minutes briefing on the home.

The hall downstairs

The hall downstairs is being used by the Rohingya refugees (non-Muslim) for free education, and this was requested by the UNHCR. The church sponsored RM1k monthly towards the children's meals (breakfast and lunch) and teachers' salaries. The activities are organised by Myanmar Migration of Klang. After reading this article, I guess I really dont know much about the migrants living here.

The team arrived at 2pm and George was there to greet us. Upon the usual introduction, we unload the groceries. We were brief on home situation and the children's background. The home is funded by the church which currently has 19 kids in the home, age ranging from 5 to 14 years old. The number of kids is reduced due to some has gone to work or left the home. The more you listen, the more heart ache you will feel, as some has not parents or single parent, whom are too poor to take care of them. There are two group of siblings where the parents are no longer around / unable to take care of them.

We later visited the children's floor and was introduce to the children. As sad as their story goes, you dont really see it in their happy faces...somehow, while writing this blog, it reminds me of this song.

Greetings visitors! Welcome!


Kids waiting patiently while Mamee is being distributed...

George with one of the children

Self-Introduction..I am Private Ryan, badge number ......

Only bought Mamee and forgot to get more junk food!

Daily roster...

George explaining to us on the home situation

We left about 245pm, heading out to check out a new old folks home. The kids happily shake our hands and pose for photographs as we leave. Now kids, behave!!!

Wishing us good bye...

Macam macam style ada... ;)

Kids will always be kids! :)

The total amount of groceries donated was RM200 with additional RM100 from Mdm Florence. Again, thank you to all donors and volunteers for your contributions.