Saturday, April 27, 2013

Feeding the Poor - April 2013

Date : 27th April 2013
Time : 0915 to 1045
Location : Klang

The groceries for this month's feeding was sponsored by The Lot Associate, Original Decor Premium Sdn Bhd and Ideao Studio. As usual, purchased are done earlier to allow time to pack the groceries. We arrived early and started the day with breakfast. For this session, I was joined by volunteers Ben, Wendy, Chole, Catherine, Soo Beng, Yong and Melvin. We have quick briefing on what the feeding does and proceed to Tony's home to load the groceries.

Loading into the ROV

Unloading at the first home - Thanks to Reach Out van!

Our first home was an ex-mechanic which suffer stroke and only wife is working. Hence, the groceries provided does enlighten their burden. With the operation on his head due to stroke, the part of the skull is removed to reduce the blood pressure. You will notice a slump on his head.

Unloading for the second home

We actually got lost before we found out its 2 lanes away...The second family we visited was a single mother with 3 kids. This family is just receiving the food for the second month.

For the next home, its another single mother with 4 kids whose husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago due to cancer.

This guy is being taken care by the brother, as he was a victim of a hit and run accident 6 years ago. His skull cap on the right side of his head has been removed and currently waiting for operation. Tony and friends raised RM6000 for the operation.

No worries but happiness...

The next family we visited is another low income family, with the husband working as a lorry driver. They have 5 kids and with 2 childrens are staying in the church. As we climb up the stairs, we noticed 3 bags of rice and was told that it was given to them as its been too long and has bugs. And she was saying will use it to feed the bird.. ;( We advised her how to leave the rice under the hot sun and clean it before consumption.

The next home was located at a low cost area, and as you can see from the photos, there is no furniture inside. We left the groceries outside home due to the wet floor. The mother is one eye blind due to abused by her mother years back. She has 3 schooling children.

This family has a 17 years old disabled son. The daughter (standing behind) just graduated as a phsyiotheraphy and currently looking for a job to help the family. We came here last month as well.

This home is a single mother with 2 children, one in college while the other in school, and the mother is down with heart problem. As she was not around, we left the groceries in the house and inform the trusted neighbours.

The last family that we visited was an 76 years old grandmother, taking care of 3 grandchildren. The daughter is working at nearby shop for RM20 per day, while grandma takes care of the other 2 grandchildren (aged 10 and 8). The youngest child's parents already passed away, hence you can feel the sadness of the old lady thinking about the children's future when she is not around anymore. The elder kid's mother does not earn much and doesnt give any money to the other lady. As she relates her story to us, its just sad to listen to her story. As we leave the home, she came out and ask for money, which we politely tell her that we cant do that.

We delivered to a total of 9 homes today. I would like to thank all the volunteers for coming in today and have a grasp of our activities. As much as we would like sponsorship for the feeding, we would prefer the sponsors join in our activities as well and see how the real life situation on the ground. We also like encourage more volunteers to join us in our future events. Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU to The Lot Associate, Original Decor Premium Sdn Bhd and Ideao Studio for sponsoring this month's groceries to the needy.

We are looking for sponsorship for coming months and if you are interested to sponsor, drop us a line.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Yatim & Miskin Wawasan Port Dickson

I received an email sometime back in October last year, and finally had the time to follow up and work on it. Started with an email to the home ( Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Yatim & Miskin Wawasan Port Dickson) and got the following reply.

Thank you for your email.
The list of items the home require is

1.Washing Machine(at these moment we have only 1)
2.White board 4'x8'-2 unite(to use for tuition) - we have a quatation RM 540.00 per unit
3.Iron box 3 unit
-rice /sugar /condensed milk /sardines/ luncheon meat/baked beans/Nespray or fernleaf milk powder-full cream

-2B pencils / eraser / sharpener /pencil colours

These are the items we need very urgently. You can help us according your budget.
Thank you and God bless.

Katherine Paul
Account No: 3157888906 (Public Bank)


We collected the necessary item and most of the items are sponsored by well wishers. Thanks to Jeff for sponsoring the white boards and also his friend, Alex who donated the washing machine. Also thanks to the Transporter, who managed fit the big items into the ROV.

We departed from Klang and reach Port Dickson around 12pm. Dr Azma and Roshidah already arrived much earlier and we were greeted by Pastor Paul and Katherine. When we arrived, the children just came back from morning mass, and also was having their lunch.

Arriving after 2 hours trip


Men At Work! Thanks Jeff for the white boards!

Thanks Alex for the washing machine!
Children saying their prayers before lunch
Was told a simple lunch today due to a "luxury" dinner last night

Young children aged 3-6. Hopefully a better future is ahead of them in this home

Briefing by Paul and Katherine. The extended porch renovation has been sponsored by Good Samaritan

The living hall - a much cooling place compared to the dining hall. Love the old buildings.

Pastor Paul explaining to the team about the home

Never shy at all

Children's room

One for the album and you can see the happy faces and cheekiness. TQ to all donors who help to make a difference in their daily lives!
We were told that just the night before, 2 families with a total of 10 kids were brought to the home, which make the total children 45 in the home. A big burden to the home. The home is currently rented at RM800, and fully paid by a Good Samaritan doctor. Like all other homes, donations are slow in the middle of the year, hence, if you want to visit the home, you can contact Pastor Katherine at 019-263-5810. The location of the home is located on the opposite side of Corus Hotel via small lane, going up hill. Address is Pt 2951, Batu 2, Jalan Pantai 71000, Port Dickson, NS.

The total amount spent for this project from 1M1c fund is RM513.00. All items are sponsored by the following donors :-
  1. Groceries from Ong Hock Joo & Wendy Chai
  2. 2 units of white board and stationery from Jeff Lim 
  3. 3 units of iron from Dz Azma Abd Hamid & Roshidah
  4. Washing machine from Alex.
  5. Stationary from Huay Ying.
  6. Aerosol and detergent from Eliz Song.
  7. Groceries sponsored RM200 from Lillias Lim & Chua KP 
  8. Melvin the "Transporter" Audi, but ROV is good enough!
  9. Additional groceries from 1M1c fund.
My appreciation to all volunteers and sponsors for making a long journey with us, fulfilling the children's need. Thank you all for helping to make a difference.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeding the Poor - Mar 2013

This month's feeding will be using the last RM1k collected in Dec 2012. As usual, purchasing is always done earlier in order to pack. The standard grocery items were delivered to the homes in need. I was joined by volunteer Tony, Siong Leong, Dr Azma and Roshidah.

Delivering to the first home

Standard groceries delivered

Unloading the groceries

Somewhere in Kampung Delek..

Next door recipient came out and greet us..

We delivered a total of 7 homes as 2 homes were out of reach due to pasar pagi. Balance of the homes was delivered by Tony himself. We completed the delivery around 245pm.

My appreciation to all donors (Wong WW, Yong WK & Friends, Xen, Jen C, Cheng Leng) for making the Feeding the Poor a successful project in 2013. Its a good start and we hope to continue more project like this in future.