Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Revisiting Pusat Warga Emas Klang - Jan 2016

2016/2 - Our second event for the year 2016. For this visit, we decided to provide lunch and have a change of menu instead of the the same old cooking. With my limited cooking skills, I thought its better to let the expert do the cooking! 

Basically the home has sufficient groceries, but was asking a lot of adult diapers (L size) and floor detergent. Electrical and water bill are promptly paid, which is about RM200-300 a month, depending on weather - the hotter it is, the tenants take more bath! 

I believe the old folks had a good time as we spent some time chatting with them. While some are more talkative, some are just sitting there, looking into emptiness of the wall. We also found our star of the home - a rooster!  

TQ to all sponsors for diapers, mandarin oranges, bread and food.

Awaiting lunch
Superb lunch!

Sponsored detergent and diapers.. TQ!
Mandarin oranges

Chatting with the old folks

Sponsor items
Next event will be our special CNY event @ Sekinchan.. see you guys there!