Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 Report

A late entry for last year report, but here it goes...

The year 2012 had been a challenging year for the team due to heavy work and personal commitments. However, we still manage to consistently do 1 projects every month. We only collected 62% of the donation last year, but we still manage to cover 16 projects. Some projects are sponsoring other NGOs while some are our own projects.

Financial Details for 2012
Total Collected         - RM 6912.41
Total Spent               - RM 4656.25
Balance CF to 2013 - RM 1927.16
Cash on Hand          - RM 2666.36 (additional cash RM739.20 due to vouchers donated and anonymous donors)

The number of homes visited last year were smaller and repeated visit to some of the homes to ensure their basic needs are met. We also had a CNY Feeding for the poor family from SRJK (C) Hin Hua Klang, fully sponsored by corporate sponsors under the guidance of Project MADE, which we are truly grateful for the experience.

Ali Cafe Tiga Rasa had also sponsored the kids from St Barnabas Klang to have a free meal at their USJ restaurant, which was much appreciated by the kids. We also sponsored the Student Club from UKM for their "Project Kampung Angkat 2012" activity.

There were also emergency request for money and food, which we did a durian fund raising for a needy family which need financial support for back operation. We received a request from a home that need food urgently, which we responded. At the end of the year, there is our Back To School and Christmas party for the home.

Again, thank you to all sponsors whom had benefited the needies and we hope to have another fruitful year in 2013 and help more homes. It is also good to know that there are many that will notify me privately whenever a request for sponsors comes in. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated as I know things will turn out succesfully. I also like to thank the following people below for their support and sponsorship to keep this organisation going as without your tremendous support, we would not have lasted 3 years! :) The list of sponsors goes to the list below :-

Jessie Lai & Family, Yong Wei Kee & Family & friends, Ong's family, Project MADE (Hj Ainie), Ng AikChern & family, Sanddie Cheong, Sally Saw, Lai Nyook Yin, Chan Yet Kam, Ng Teng Song, SK Chow, Joy Chow, Eileyn Chua, Tio Wei Heok, Danny Ong, Wong WW, Jacinta N, Cecelia, Alex Hang,  Gary's Friends (Durian Fund Raising) and Ali Cafe Tiga Rasa (Mr See TP), Jen C, Ashley Wong & Friends for the Back To School sponsorship and many other more who have contributed time and efforts to ensure each activities are successful!

On a personal note, I was introduced to Reach Out Malaysia by another volunteer, an NGO that feed the homeless. Its a good experience for those who would like to see the other side of life. The KL Run is 7 days a week, while Klang Run is Mon-Fri. Details are here and here. Come along if you have time to spare. ;)