Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grocery for the Needies @Teratak Kasih Bonda, Tampin

2016/13 - Our project for Aug 2016 bring us to Teratek Kasih Bonda, Tampin@N9. The lovely place is well hidden away from the main road and you would have easily missed the entrance. The house itself is a 100 years old house with its unique design.
For this project, we worked with the NGO Sedekah Subuh, who handles the community welfare cases which covers Melaka & N9. Cases that are in severe needs are referred to them to provide the necessary assistance. The event place is also a monthly gathering of the poor families for community activities. For this event, 100 needy families are the recipients of this program.
We rendezvous at Simpang Ampat toll, and proceed to location. Road is narrow but when there is a will, there is a way. So, we manage to unload everything and get things moving. The host, already pre-plan the registration, hence recipients just need to provide the token to receive the groceries. 
Lastly, my appreciation to sponsor and volunteers from both sides for ensuring the event were smoothly. Not forgetting our sister NGO Sedekah Subuh for providing the place (and lunch! Superb kuih!!) for the event. 
Post event, we get chance to 'clean up' the rambutan from the rambutan trees! Judging from the faces of volunteers, I think they enjoy plucking the rambutans! Guess next event must plan for kampung again! And last but not least, dedicate this to the our volunteers….

Burung helang terbangnya tinggi,
hinggap sebentar di pohon jati,
terima kasih saudara dan saudari,
memberi tumpuan sepenuh hati.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lunch@Pusat Warga Emas Klang

2016/12 - We cater food for the old folks today for lunch. They were served with fried rice, fried mee, curry chicken and mix vegetables which was sponsored by the cook. Event was created but didnt realised was not under 1M1c event, hence no one got invited :(. Spoke to the caretaker, diapers are sufficient, electricity and water bill are well taken care off.