Monday, July 29, 2013

Syawal Feeding Program at PPR Bt Muda, Jalan Ipoh KL

The plan for Syawal Feeding started a month ago, with event created in FB to get sponsors. And the next four weeks was just simply amazing with the amount of items collected. Hats off to the unsung heroes who keep donating the items till our Shah Alam 'store room' was overflow.. ;) Its really heart warming to know food stuff such as sardines and condensed milk just keep coming in. However, due to unforseen circumstances at the last minute, the intended program had to be cancel and new recipients was needed. Thanks to Dr Azma & Roshida who managed to get in touch with PPR Bt Muda Committee, whom became the new recipients. The Committee was more than happy to receive the proposal to help the needies, and the rest is history :)

For each recipient, items given are 2 cans of sardines, 2 cans of condensed milk, 1kg flour, 1 bag of ketupat, 1 box of dates, 1 packet of beehoon and 1 tray of eggs. Upon final collection, the team had a great tasks packing the stuff and getting things ready for the D-day.

Cat NOT included..!

Sardines and condensed milk enroute to "safe house"!

Condensed milk collected from many different donors

On the great morning of 27th July 2013, the team depart early to ensure we reach there on time. We reach our 'safe house' to load all the stuff and head out to our intended destination.

How everything was transported... total of 3000 eggs and groceries. Thanks to all Transporters who have made the delivery! We had 2 cars and 1 ROV to help on the delivery

Location of our event. TQ to AJK PPR Bt Muda for arranging this location. Couldnt have done it without their help!

The flats in PPR Bt Muda

The banner that awaits me....awesome! I am appreciative of the kind gesture to make it so official! And it get done within a week after the meeting with the Committee. TQ to Peduli Kasih International for supporting the event.

Transported in 3 vehicles

No one was spared....!

Whoever give the best caption gets a free meal from me! :)

Helping pakcik to the seating area

The recipients begin to arrive

Last minute speech preparation .....jangan copy saya punya!
100 packs of groceries ready to be distributed

100 trays of eggs in pack of 5.

Aiyo..Untie the strings? As we also want to recycle the strings, we carefuly untie it to ensure we can reused it later.

What? Put in bag?! As the team was worry if the eggs can survive the journey back to the apartment, we decided to pack the eggs in the plastic bag (irony is the eggs came all the way from Klg to KL safely!)

Everyone was egg-cited and chipped in their strength

The AJK went to the nearest grocery store and get us the plastic bags. Much appreciated!

Hats of to the AJK from Bt Muda who are so helpful to get this thing done.

In case someone try to snatch the eggs, we have our very own guard....

Arrival of the OKU recipient

Candies for the kids. Thanks Jolene... now, where is my share?

Getting ready to start the event...
Sweets for the young ones

Serving the children and old folks

Pre-speech discussion
Thanks ladies! :)
Ong helping an OKU to the seating area

And we are ready!

Recital of prayers before the event start.

Senior citizens on the first row

The ceremony started with a speech from both side - Datuk Suhaimi from Peduli Kasih and Dr Azma from 1M1c

An inspiring speech!

The ticket coupon done by the Committee. Superb!
Dr Azma taking the ticket from the recipients. The ticket was pre-given to them by the Commitee and because of this, it speeds up the distribution of the groceries. 

Giving to the senior citizens first.

Senior citizens getting it first
Our little efforts with a small amount of groceries to help them for this festive month.

You can see their happy faces
Datuk Suhaimi giving out the groceries
Once taken the groceries, they will receive their tray of eggs from the Egg Dept Team.... ;)

The Egg Team helping to distribute the eggs

Everyone get a tray home.. happy faces...

Datuk Suhaimi passing the groceries bag to the OKU seated outside.

2 orphans receiving duit raya from Datuk Suhaimi

Post event chatting

Mission Accomplished! Group photo for the event.
Our contribution may not be much to an average family, but it would mean a lot to the needies for this festive season. It makes a lot of difference from our little efforts for them in this festive season. We complete the groceries handover to the families within 25 minutes after the speech!

Thank you just dont reflect my appreciation to the team working on the background to get this whole thing going. Hats off to the Committee members of PPR Bt Muda for logistics and arrangement of the event, Dr Azma and Roshidah for linking them to 1M1c, and not forgetting the sponsors who have answer the call of duty whenever a request for donor is raised and also our volunteers who have contribute in many ways. And lastly, not forgetting the photographers who did a great job capturing the events as one picture worth a thousand words. We also received request to help 2 families by providing long term monthly groceries to them and we are happy to provide assistance.

Till next month! :)