Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feeding the Poor - June 2013

This is our sixth feeding and for this month's activity, the recipeints are the poor living in Port Klang and Teluk Pulai. It was held on 30th June 2013. We were joined by Edwina and sister, Melvin, Tibol & friends and 2 young recruits. We loaded the groceries and proceed to Port Klang.

Heading to Port Klang

Our first drop point at the low cost apartment

Items to be delivered to the home

Climbing stairs is part of the drill! Be prepared!! :)

Tony directing the team to work faster!

Our first home and it was all dark inside, and I hope its not like this during the night. The first recipient is a single mother, taking care of her grandchild, as the daughter married early.

Clear sunny day!

A little town here, secluded from the main Port Klang town

And he has the keys!

The Indian Muslim family as a 52 yrs old son with polio.
A very simple kitchen compared to many of us

We arrived at the Sikh family in Port Klang. Sister stayed upstairs, while brother stay downstairs. Due to dispute bteween them, the brother disconnect the electricity...power jugak abang ini!

We left the groceries for the brother outside as he went to hospital for check up

A Malay family whose wife is suffering from stage 4 cancer

Low cost apartment in Port Klang where we are delivering for one home

One of the home in Teluk Pulai

Before anyone scream child slavery, he did say he will work for a McD Happy Meal!


The last home that we delivered

We delivered to a total of 8 homes, with 2 homes to be delivered by Tony himself. Special thanks to Jeff Lim and Catherine Lim for sponsoring June's feeding. My appreciation to all the volunteers who have volunteer their time on a Sunday for this activity. ;)

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