Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emergency Aid to St Judes Home, Shah Alam

Melvin received a call from Ravi that they are running out of groceries and decided to drop by on the hot Saturday afternoon. Kandasamy was there expecting us and happy to see us as he has been sober up for 10 days. FYI, he is one of the homeless from Port Klang that we met during the night run.

Kandasamy getting his wound clean

You can build the house bigger than this...
Ravi 'complained' that Kandasamy just cant sit still and just keep working. Looks like he has big plan for the plot of land beside the house. From our previous visit, a new tenant has requested that we help her to find her daughter. Based on her story, she was admitted to hospital for 45 days (for mental illness) and upon discharged, her brother and family has moved away. As she cant remember the phone number and with her address on her IC, some volunteer has manage to track down her daughter. Sadly, her daughter has decided that she doesnt want her mother back. She was telling me that she just sent another letter and awaiting for reply. Kavitha is aware of this and has not broken the news to her yet. Sigh... can only pray the best for her.

The guy on the left has his head wacked in a gang fight and has recovered since the last time we saw him.

Most of the inmates are resting outside the home when we arrived

The ladies are helping out in the kitchen for the tea time

The big piece of land that will be Kandasamy's new project

Groceries purchased for the home
Total spent for groceries is RM401, with RM100 from Dr Azma and balance from 1M1c fund. Thank you to donors who have contributed their time and money to keep all these activities going.

Address of the home - 43, Jalan Telok Jambu 10, Tmn Iswara, Tmn Sri Muda, Shah Alam, Selangor

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