Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House of Joy

As usual, we meet up at the nearest Tesco, and proceed with buying the required groceries. We have 14 people accepted our invitation, but only end up with 6 people attending. Hopefully if you are not attending, kindly change your status as we were waiting 30min for the invisible 8 :P. Anyway, we purchased our groceries as normal and proceed to the home. However, due to wrong information, we end up in the learning center of the home. Traveling took about 1hour with 3 cars (cursing) behind me...:( So, make sure do a site visit before we proceed. The home of the address is 23, Jln Tujuh, Tmn Tenaga. Location of the place is bit hard to find, so my advice, search the place before going.

When we reach there, the kids were watching TV and some of them were expecting us. They helped us to unload the groceries. As Ms Lesley was not there, the pastor greeted us and we explained to him about our trip to the home.

Almost missed the road sign!

Road leading to the house

Advertisement that greet us on the main door

Other homes under their care with number of people per home.

Main hall

List of requirements they need

Guest that came all the way from HK

Our delivery got mixed up with another group's delivery. Seriously, RM300+ cant really buy much these days!
Our deliveries include panadol and cough syrup, rice, cooking oil, floor detergent, chicken meat, chicken balls, canned food and beans.

Outside the house

We also met up with the team from Raleigh KL, which came about 2pm (whom also got lost!). They brought a lot of toys and play games with the kids. We didnt stay long enough to participate due to short of time.  The photos from their event are posted here.

Note: Have not had the time to post the financial details yet as very busy these few days.